Relive the Fury of a Tornado

This video doesn’t exist


Photographer got 1 Mil  for this video.

Shared by Rani

6 thoughts on “Relive the Fury of a Tornado”

  1. Thanks Simone,
    Fabulous photography such a destructive twister
    Every penny is worth paid to brave photograher
    Had got so closed put the viewers in the picture
    The force nature can accrue is alarming my dear

    I have never witnessed Nature to be that forceful
    So wishes it appears as a deed of an angry devil
    Though a scary sad event must thank you & Sam
    put in web site for us to see in the comfort of home

    With Metta


  2. Thanks Rani. This video deserves the one million. I have seen similar videos but this takes the prize.

    Thanks for sharing.



  3. Dear Rani
    Thanks for posting this wonderful video. It is so scary 🙀🙀🙀🙀. Is it real or fantasy??? I just could not believe how the planes ✈️ could be drifted into air by the mighty force of the tornado . It is very interesting to watch and I just don’t know how the photographer braved the weather to video it . He definitely deserves the money 💰 he got and may be should have been paid even much more 🏆🏵 for his bravery in such harsh conditions. Praxy


  4. Thanks for the post Rani.Daring footage,but I think that some of the clips are simulations, especially when several airliners are shown being lifted off and then to be airborne without much damage to the wings.! Overall it shows the devastating effects of mother nature.No wonder our ancestors thought that all extremes of nature were acts of God.! Eddie.


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