7 thoughts on “A Simple Song!”

  1. Thanks my dear Sam,
    Excellent photography accentuates the enjoyment
    Voice of the son just the same as pa, the great artist
    So tempting Croaky voice or not I joined in the singing
    Brought back tears of joy, reminiscing our days young


  2. Dear Sam
    Thank you so much for this beautiful song . Even though I knew the song I had never realised its meaning till today. It was evident in the words and the actions of the bird what a lot of effort had gone into writing this song. When you see the real actions it is very moving and what wonderful words to describe the lamentation of the 🐦 bird. Thank you very much for sharing it on the Blog. Praxy


  3. Thanks Sam. A bird watcher’s dream clip.A lilting melody adds to enjoyment.Trials of life.!.The fascinating part of this clip is the art of nest building that is imprinted in their tiny brains.They do not learn from watching others.! The art of nest building is imprinted in their DNA..The lesson,in failure,try and try again.Failures are the pillars of success.We can earn from the birds too.Eddie.


  4. Thanks Sam for sharing the post.
    The lyrics relating to the building of the nest, and words of advice to the children not to destroy it .,create an emotional investment in the listener.” Be able to Empathise “

    Agree with Eddie, the art of Avian Architecture in building nests, is a skill that birds learn from experience,,as they are far from “ bird- brained”when building nests


  5. Very Lovely video from the world of birds – with the old song giving it a whole new meaning .
    I had a robin make a nest in one of my flower pots ( Christmas Cactus ) that I had placed outside for the summer on year in July .
    I was totally amazed at the way this mother bird made the nest base with grass bits, twigs, dried up leaves etc .
    Then, she made the ‘ bed ‘ using the mud from the creek , making god knows how many trips to the creek for this – with bits of mud in her little beak .
    Then, she flattened the base, and made a cup shaped cradle, and then she laid four lovely blue eggs that eventually gave birth to 4 chicks and after about 10 days- they ‘flew the coop’ and I cried a bucket of tears ..
    I would watch the daily progress of the chicks, how the mom and dad cared for the babies.
    this was right outside one of my kitchen counter tops – so I cleared the counter top, did not use kitchen lights or microwave so as not to disturb mom at night .
    I have video taped this whole thing – and one of these days, I will send them to Sam, once I get all of it in one little video clip .
    I really admired the caring mom and dad much more caring than some parents for sure .

    Thank you Sam for this lovely video- I think the bird is called Weaver Bird – Wadu Kurulla – and I still have a Wadu Kurulla nest picked up in SL- near Sigirya, some 40 yrs ago, when we were on a trip out there when my kids were young .
    Many birds weave their nests and I have seen similar, but smaller nests in Sedona, Arizona .

    I have seen this bird weave a nest – when I was on holiday in Harare- Zimbabwe- back in the 90’s .
    The opening of the nest is always facing the East- so the morning sun warms up the nest .
    If you are ever to get lost in a forest- look for a Weaver Bird Nest- so you know, your Directions !



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