Beast Wishes to Ana!

Ananda K BDEdit


My dear Ana,

It is with great pleasure send my greetings on the big day
Wishing joy, contentment and happiness on your birthday
May you continue to have good health & peace all the way
And for a long cherished life with beautiful wife Indira I pray

Ariya (your troublesome room-mate many moons ago)

14 thoughts on “Beast Wishes to Ana!”

  1. HI Ananda,
    Wish you a very happy birthday this year, and have many more happy birthday days in the years ahead .
    What are you doing today – out there in Newfoundland ?
    I suppose going out with Indira to some nice exotic place- whale watching !

    Thank you and Indira, for the long and loving friendship over many , many decades- too many of them to count – and this is the test of REAL friends !

    Do recall very fondly, how we used to attend those awful evening classes at Uni of Toronto- back in 1986, in preparation for the Canadian Lic exam, and you would sit in front of me and Rajes, and eat all the goodies that Noeline Aunty made and not share with the hungry mates- Rajes and my self !!
    Those were the days- !!! and we three have travelled many a paths and onto a better road now .

    Have a Very Happy Birthday Day and see you and Indira in 3 wks .
    Good Wishes- Deepthie .


  2. Dear Ana,

    You look fabulous In Photo. Many Happy Returns Of The Day!!!. All the best for a great life at the Snowy end of country, & fun time for years to come. Say “Hello” to Indira. Last we met was at my Home in Rockford Illinois, when you came with Asokan & Dharma for dinner & we had a ” Mini Batch Re-Union”, with you four, Errol Baptist & Me.

    WIMAL FERNANDO / Marco Island Florida.


  3. Dear Ana
    Best wishes on your birthday. Heard so much about this exotic Newfoundland. May be one day in the future we will be able to visit this place
    Satha & Selvi


  4. Dear Friends, Thank you for your birthday wishes. I hope I’ll be able to thank you all in person at the RU. Looking forward to a fun time. See you soon.


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