7 thoughts on “Amazing Birds Eye View”

  1. On Eagle Wings She Flies — Come to me , my sweet !

    I have seen this somewhere before – with a Go Pro on Eagle wings .
    Lovely to see again .


  2. Thanks Sam.Beautiful views as the eagle sees it.It is interesting to observe the keen head and eye movements of the bird in flight.I am pretty sure that the bird sees much more than what we can observe during it’s flight.Furthermore, it did not venture too far away from the coast and over the sea.Why.? It may be because the bird has no interest in the rough breakers as it cannot prey on fish out at sea.It is only my thought,there may be another explanation.Eddie.


  3. Thanks Sam , for this spectacular video clip of a wide angle aerial view seen by a bird 🦅 in flight capturing the bliss of open Ocean and cliffs.
    As birds have relatively big eyes compared to their skull.they can’t move the eyes very much.
    If they want to look around they have to move their heads around,as seen in the video clip,the bird cocking and rotating the head constantly .
    Bird’s have excellent long distance vision, eg Eagles can see 8 times as far as humans.


    1. Indragee
      This video was posted by the Aurora Borealis Observatory in Senja Island, Norway, very reputed establishment. I believe its authentic likely produced by placing a small gopro camera on the back of a trained eagle. It had 19 million views on Face Book. There were no redflags posted by snopes.com , a fact checking website that reports on authenticity of viral videos.
      Glad you enjoyed it!


  4. Fantastic. Thanks Sam.
    I have 3 constant dreams. One of that is that I can fly like a bird when a ghost chases me. I stretch my arms & they become the wings!!! & I fly away!! -This is not a lie. I might have been a bird in my previous birth.
    The other regular dream :- Trying to Wee – toilet is very dirty – no urine comes out!! Thank God – I never wet the bed!
    3rd dream :- Exam is tomorrow but I haven’t studied like the others! – Highly tensed sad feeling but when I wake up – I feel very happy as I have finished all the exams & now I am a doctor !!!!!
    All the above are true
    Any one else gets similar dreams?


  5. Hey Seelan- I do dream I am writing exams – after all the exams I wrote in Sl and Canada ! I am glad I am retired and Living Free !!
    The other dream – ‘trying to wee ‘ — yes this wakes me up and I have never wet my bed !!
    Bird – No I dont dream of birds, but in real life, I just feed birds out of my hand – even today- the Chickadee birds came to eat bird seed out of my hand .
    These birds chase me around the garden, till I get bird seed to feed them .


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