Hand Shadow Puppetry

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Shared by Rani

10 thoughts on “Hand Shadow Puppetry”

  1. Thank you Rani,

    Thanks Rani for sharing the video clip ‘hand shadow puppet’
    I only can do a ‘dog – head’, ‘a face’ and a paws moving rabbit
    The presentation of characters and expressions are brilliant
    Though I did not get the lyrics back ground melody is perfect



    1. Many thanks Rani. This is genuine talent. Enjoyed it very much.
      We must now get our local talents, Ariya & Seelan to perform at the next RU!


    2. My dear Seelan,

      Happy, it is my good friend being he one who can beat me
      Your aptness is more substantial and much varied than mine
      Truly it is a joy to think of our golden past and have a laugh
      Sam’s gift to batch does serenade & soothen our lives rough



  2. Dear Rani.
    Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful clip.What remarkable talent!!. I enjoyed watching every bit of it and it is made very interesting with the appearance of the photos in the right upper corner and the song that accompanies it too.
    This reminds me of my life as a naughty child when I stood in front of a light and drew my silhouette on the white washed wall of the inside of our house with a piece of charcoal. It wasn’t a good drawing either. Then to make it worse I wrote my brother’s name to implicate him. Of course my parents knew it was me and got reprimanded severely. Praxy


    1. my dear Praxy,

      Your naughtiness seemed to have no bounds
      Even in childhood you had been mischievous
      The bad kamma done to your brother with interests
      Got paid back in batch rag with something in purse


      1. Dear Ariya
        I must say I was a very naughty child. Looking back I was at a great advantage in everything as I was the only girl in my family after 5 boys..Praxy


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