7 thoughts on “A little humour as Eden beckons you.”

  1. Dear Eddie,
    Thank you for your blog. I enjoyed watching it . Yes there are are only 3 weeks to the RU and we will be leaving here on the 28th September, and looking forward to meeting everyone. Wish you had decided to come too. Yes it is to still not too late. Praxy


  2. Thanks Eddie for posting this Episode Of mind your language “

    Although speaking is a form of communication this dialogue expresses more than one meaning,leading to Ambiguity.

    A problem leading to misunderstanding between the speaker and the hearer.??


  3. HI Eddie,
    Thanks for the post – very funny !
    Lets hope that all will be well for ALL of us , so we can get together once more , before we get chest pain and drive a motor car !

    As Praxy says = it is not too late to decide .
    Live in Hope .


  4. Thank you,Praxy,Simone,Deepthie and Indrajee for your comments.Yes, I would have joined but an important family need beckons me elsewhere.I am sure you will all have a great time together with special memories to behold.Eddie.


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