Best Wishes to Ranjith!

Biga BD edit


My dear Ranjith,
It is my privilege and pleasure to wish you a very happy birthday
May you have good health and strength to continue your benevolent work  
The maker has been kind to you to give excellence in looks, brain and brawn
Though a giant intellectually as well by size you are a noble saint by deeds
May you have good health a long beautiful life with Sunila and kids all the way

One thought on “Best Wishes to Ranjith!”

  1. Best Wishes to you ‘ Bigga’ ! I never knew your real name till recently !
    This name suits you better- as I now know, all the good work you are doing and you have a Big Heart .

    I never met you and Sunila , after we left med school, though I heard you had some adventures in the Mid East during the Iraq crisis . I would love to hear those stories and your drive in the desert to freedom !,

    I have seen photos of both of you on the Web page now and then ,thanks to Sam the Web Master, we are now a much closer bunch than ever before .

    The Birthday Greetings Program- the Brain Child of Ariya- as ‘tied the Class of 64 ‘ together , in a way, nothing else has done before and we are now a much closer group than ever before .

    It will be great to see both of you after 50 yrs or so in Beruwala in three weeks .

    Have a Happy Day to day with Sunila and family and friends .

    Deepthie .

    ps- Today 9/11– that changed the world for ever , but we all can make the World A Better Place ..


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