8 thoughts on “Little musical genius”

  1. Dear Sam
    Thank you for this wonderful music from a little boy who is so good at drums. He definitely is a genius. What amazes me is that he is so calm cool and collected with no signs of stage fright. Praxy


  2. Thanks Sam for posting this video clip of A “Little Big Shot”

    A young drummer displaying excellent skills, in,hand dexterity,motor rhythmic skills, musicality,and pitch discrimination,while performing in an orchestra .


  3. The Little Drummer Boy for sure – the little guy was soooo cute – virtually ‘conducted ‘the orchestra from his drum stand .
    Did not miss a beat, even when he dropped the drum stick !!

    I think, it was his dad perhaps who was prompting him from behind how to end the performance . He must be about 4-5 yrs old with all the innocence of childhood .

    Great future I see for this child prodigy — a budding ‘Mozart on the Drums “.

    Thank you Sam for this wonderful post .


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