32 thoughts on “Best Wishes to David!

  1. Thanks Ariya for your generous compliments. It is yet another reminder (as you put it elsewhere!) one more year down the slippery slope!).


    • Dear Selva
      Wish you many happy returns of the day 🎂and may the Good Lord bless and keep you till we meet again. Pity you are unable to attend RU because of preplanned events. We are all on the slippery slope now and it is unavoidable . But enjoy it while you can . Praxy


  2. Happy Birthday to you my dear David- from yet another S Gp buddy-!

    Yes, we will miss you a lot this time around at the RU- Perhaps the next one , as someone suggested, next year – First Weekend of October , some where around the globe !

    Some people say we are on the ‘slippery slope’, but I say, THIS is about the BEST time in my Life– When I have lived a fruitful life, earned a few grey hairs, that gives me a great deal of respect from the community where I live, people open doors for me, get me a chair to sit on, help me to get stuff from higher shelves at the grocery store, listen to stories I have to say, come to me for advice on a million different things- from birds, to butterflies, to flowers, trees, snakes and now, to mushrooms– this being the height of The Mushroom Season !!

    Oh I almost forgot one thing- Special Senior Discounts – where ever you go – from Grocery Stores, Cinema , Provincial Park Fees etc , and Special Senior Seating at various events !!!

    So you see David– Enjoy this time of your life, some call it Twilight Years ! and make the most of it !
    Happy Birthday and enjoy this day, with family and friends .

    Deepthie Seneviratne ! aka eagleD


    • Many thanks Sam! You are doing such a wonderful job for the batch! Sorry unable to attend but I am sure we will be able to meet some other time. Enjoy the reunion.


  3. My Dear, Dear & Dearest friend, Many happy returns of the day.
    Have a nice day & enjoy your birth day. Hope we go through many many more birth days.
    PS : We are still waiting for you & Rajini to spend at least few days with us in Sydney.
    Seelan & Jean


  4. Dear David
    Best wishes on your birthday
    If you happen to come to Sydney in the near future,pl try to make a small trip to Adelaide and meet some of the 64 batch mates. regards to Rajini
    Satha. And Selvi


  5. HI David,
    Many happy returns for yesterday. Hope you had a lovely day and wish you many more B’days in years to come.
    Kind regards to Rajini.


  6. Happy Birthday David . Haven’t met you since graduation. Praxy keeps in touch with me ,I gather a lot of information from her. Hope all is well with you and I will get the opportunity of meeting you some day.
    Kind regards


    • Dear Marina
      It’s so good to hear from you. This is the second B’day wish you have sent two years running! but I haven’t
      seen yours. Are you hiding under the radar! I know it is a long time since we last met. I was hoping to meet you at the 2014 RU but didn’t happen. Praxy very kindly sent a group picture of you,Laksmi and someone else. sometime ago. All of you looked well!
      Thanks again


  7. Hi David,
    Happy birthday and may you be blessed with many more. when I saw your picture brought back so many wonderful memories at Med school. May the good Lord shower you and your family with choicest blessings life has to offer.Till we meet someday.

    Ranjit & Shanthi

    Winter Haven, Florida.


    • Dear Ranjit
      It’s wonderful to hear from you after all these years! Yes, those were wonderful times and priceless memories!
      Wouldn’t mind going through it all over again!
      Many thanks to you and to your good wife.


  8. Dear David,

    Wish you a very happy birthday..
    I am still waiting for you to stop by on your way to Glasgow with Rajini. Have a great day and love to all the family,


    • My dear CJ
      Many thanks.
      I agree. This is getting out of hand! Something got to be done! I know you must be in SL now preparing for the RU. When you return we will arrange and I promise will happen. Enjoy the pleasure of meeting our friends.
      Best wishes


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