4 thoughts on “Feizal & Flame in Colombo”

  1. Excellent Nees
    Thanks Sam for bringing this event to our notice
    It is a worthy event and are proud of Faizel’s role
    Timing is excellent for the batch sixty four mates
    Will strive to join the crowd and support the cause


  2. I will be attending the concert with a friend from my HFC School days, who is also a very good friend of Faizer’s brother .
    I hope more of the Class of 64 would attend- as it would be a nice way to end the Class of 64- 2018RU , by supporting a worthy cause .
    I am really looking fwd to this concert . He told me that Dr Carlo Fonseka too would be attending –
    Thanks for the post .


  3. Dear Faizal
    I would have loved to attend this musical Extravaganza but unfortunately I will will be out of Colombo with Rani and them. Wish you all the best for this wonderful, patriotic performance. Praxy


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