6 thoughts on “A certain smile- Ariya”

  1. Ayobowan to ALL of Class of 64- on this clear cool sunny morning,

    Here on Georgian Bay,
    With my heart and soul,
    Somewhere else, very far away … !

    Thank you Ariya for the very sweet, thoughtful and very nostalgic post , as only you could have done it the way it was done , in true Ariya style !

    I am glad I am attending the RU- and I see in the pics you selected, the smiling faces of those who will not be there , for what ever reason –
    To those whose smiling faces I will not see , I say — I miss you, I love you , and I hope we meet again somewhere soon- as we are all ‘down that slippery slope ‘ now !

    Thanks again- eagleD


  2. Thank you dear Deepthie,
    Thanks my dear mate, for the beautiful note
    Augmenting thoughts hidden in my little verse
    The strength in a polite smile & in a kind word
    God has placed the most glorious message

    We appeal to our mates the chance to embrace
    Share a joke and to reminize the good old past
    Many chances will not come to Septuagenarians
    Wake from slumber, bring Beruwala the pretty face


  3. Thanks Ariya For the beautiful song. Your Language skills both Sinhala and English are wonderful.
    I will miss those dear batch mates who cannot attend this year.
    I thank Praxy for taking a lead role in organising RU 18.


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