9 thoughts on ““NEWATER or PEE””

  1. Thanks Rani,Singapore is doing what they do in the international space stations.Is this process cost effective.?.Singapore is surrounded by sea.Would it not be easier to desalinate the sea water and use the recycled human waste to water the extensive greenery around the city.Having said this,Singapore also receives quite a lot of rain throughout the year as it is in the tropical belt.Eddie.


  2. Thanks Rani
    Though it is an awful idea to swallow
    Pardon me for the pun, very shallow
    Good to save every drop, our world is drying
    Like the rest, what is wrong with desalination?

    When visiting Maldives, many moons ago
    Noticed country was devoid of even a crow
    Roof tops were kept clean & collected every rain drop
    It sounds to me, that as a better idea than wee to gulp


    1. My dear Seelan,

      Yes I too have heard that Mr Moraj Desai
      Former Prime minister of Baratha deshai
      Drank his urine to maintain good health
      Had a long life, there may be some truth

      Urine therapy had been a part of civilisation ancient
      Apparently Aztecs, Egyptians and Chinese had used it
      To cure cancers, dry skin & known as plasma ultrafiltrate
      Urokinase extract from urine aides dissolving any blood clot



  3. Dear Rani
    That is incredible 🤔🤔😳😳😱😱. I have heard of innovations but nothing of this magnitude.But having said that with Singapore 🇸🇬 many things are possible as I find them to be a very innovative nation. I suppose if it was not done then they would not put it on YouTube??? Next time we are in S-pore will have to think twice before drinking water🤗🤗🤗. Anyway that was fascinating and thank you for posting it. Praxy


  4. I think the difficult issue is to get over the initial Psycological barrier,of “drinking recycled pee”

    Another interesting fact is in space the American Astronauts get an extra quota of Pee, as their Russian counterparts refuse to use recycled pee, and collect it in bags and pass it on to the Americans haha😄😄😄


  5. Dear Simone,

    What a great arrangement to get it free
    Russians’ adorable pee without any fee
    In space station, great cordiality must be
    what do Americans give, in place of pee?


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