14 thoughts on “Beautiful clip”

  1. Dear Praxy,

    That was BEAUTIFUL!!!. Very thoughtful & is characteristic of you. You are a wonderful person to associate. Thank You for being MY FRIEND !!!.



    1. Dear Dostara
      Thank you for your nice compliments.
      You and Iranthie too are friends we value a lot and we are happy that you both on our lives. Praxy


  2. Dear Praxy,

    I agree with Eddie, your true friendship means a lot to all of us.

    The beautiful collection of quotes and images will definitively “ Tug at your Heartstrings “ from beginning to end..


  3. Thank you my dear Praxy, for this lovely clip on Friendship- Love etc .
    Very beautifully written and explained .
    I hope people are listening to these wonderful words .

    There are the Seven Grandfather Teachings- that are taught in schools- that is the Corner Stone of all Native American People of North America / Canada-
    Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Humility and Truth .–

    Very appropriate words of wisdom, for the world we live in now .
    Thanks Praxy- eagleD


    1. Dear Deepthie
      Isn’t it wonderful that we have continued our friendships started at HFC and thereafter at Med. colleg and continuing into our seventy s. It is wonderful to maintain friendships and reminisce over the past. Your telephone calls are very enjoyable and today too I am waiting for that phone call . Praxy


  4. Thank you Praxy.I think that the reason why such words of wisdom touch our hearts is because, intrinsically we all want to feel all the emotions described.I like the last one in particular, life is full of corners…………Eddie..


  5. Thank you Praxy for the words of wisdom. It’s very true, though we knew it all along we come to realise it now.
    Hope you are getting ready for batch reunion. It’s a shame I could not make it but rest assured you will let me know on your return. Have a happy time.


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