“An Epitome Of Gratitude”


Amazing !

 An injured Chimpanzee was released in to the forest after treatment by a team of forest officials and Doctors.

Before venturing in to the forest, the way it acknowledges it’s gratitude to the officials is awesome and unbelievable. You have to see the video clip to believe. Many times,  some humans do not exhibit such courtesy.

Shared by Rani

7 thoughts on ““An Epitome Of Gratitude””

  1. Thanks Rani for this endearing story of the chimp and Ms Goodall.We are all aware of Ms Goodall’s life time interest in chimpanzees .Chimps are very close to us humans in their genetic profile but are still very dangerous.There are many stories of pet chimps attacking their owners,hence one should be very careful around them.They are bigger, heavier and stronger and have very long and sharp canine teeth.In all their adorable behaviour( as portrayed in films)there is also a darker,wilder side to them. Eddie.


  2. Dear Rani,
    Thank you very much for sharing this tremendous video clip
    Though it is known that 99 percent DNA, we share with a chimp
    I have never seen such an elegant instsnce of showing gratitude
    Its Body language and facial expressions say thousands of words


  3. Dear Rani
    I too got this from a friend of mine and thank you for inserting it in the Blog.Animals🦍🐑🐎🐑 are more grateful than some human beings and this is evident from this story and the actions of the chimp🐒. Praxy


  4. Dear Rani,
    I forgot to mention that Ranjits niece when they were in Liberia had a pet Chimp .He was dressed in boys clothes and he used to sleep on a bed sometimes even with her or her sister or her brother. The photos they sent of him were fascinating. Pity I do not have them now but they were cute especially one where he was dressed in shorts and holding the niece’s hand and going for a walk. Praxy


  5. Thank you Rani for the wonderful post — A tale of Love and Gratitude between two people– Chimpanzee ,our nearest relative.

    Very poignant end to a wonderful Mom, Care Giver and Healer , from the world of Chimpanzees .

    Jane Goodall- Great Woman , Great Role Model for all of us- not only women .
    Harvest for Hope by Jane Goodall — gives Hope for Mother Earth – a great read, and strangely enough, I am reading it right now !


  6. Thanks Rani for posting the video. I have seen this before , but seeing it for the second and third time , is still thought provoking and moving.



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