9 thoughts on “50 years ago.A salute to a great man.”

  1. A great speech,thanks Eddie,
    I think Martin Luther King Jr , lived and died in vain.as what lies in front of us ,even today ,in a so called moderate , equal opportunity world . Is still A DREAM OF being in “A COLOUR BLIND SOCIETY “ nothing more, nothing less ?


  2. Thanks Rani for your comment.I believe MLK’s dream will become real in another 50 years.It has to be a couple more generations to realise that colour, race and religion should not be defining factors in a civilised world.Already, there are quite a few mixed marriages between blacks/ coloured/ white and this is the beginning.( This was almost unknown in 1950.)Interestingly, the current statistics for mixed marriages is that Caucasian men prefer Chinese women as partners.!! Why.?There is also a preference for black women by Caucasian men and not vice versa.Why ? I do not know the statistics for asian men and women,but looking around I see a rising number of mixed marriages.The effect of all this is that almost all will be coloured with a few in the extremes of the spectrum of black or white.In the words of the song “ What a wonderful world.”( listen to Louis Armstrong).For the moment, Let us all dream on.Eddie.


  3. Dear Eddie
    I always like MLK’ speeches as they are very true.Last time we were in Oz I read a very nice article about the high percentage of non white Australians there and that that the whites will soon be outnumbered by coloured Ozzies . I agree with you that in a few generations time there will be more of us than of them. Even here we see how the Westerners are embracing Indian food and this is the most popular food 🥘 here now . Praxy


  4. Thanks Praxy.Yes, the best selling takeaway meal in London is “ butter chicken” leaving fish and chips behind.We are fast becoming a global society.Most indigenous people are asserting their rights all over the world and this is a good thing.White supremacy is undergoing testing times.In Sydney and Auckland there are more chinese ( appearance wise, maybe Koreans or Taiwanese.!)and they are making housing markets almost impossible for the locals to enter..The south asians and the Indians have monopolised the software industry and many of the startups are by these entrepreners.The Chinese dragon is waking up.!.If Fa Hsein revisits Serendib he will be glad to see more of his own.! Unfortunately, we will not be around to witness this evolving new era when the common colour will be brown.,!.Eddie.


  5. Agree, a great man.
    I think its much better in Europe (UK), than in the US. (Prince H and MM)
    I read that already in Canada the nonwhites and mixed are in the majority.
    Yes, I feel it would soon be a wonderful world.



  6. Thanks Anoja.Yes, poor old queen, E.R, must be wondering how the slaves got into Buckingham palace!.I like Harry as he comes out as a genuine bloke.Kind hearted like his late mother,Diana.He probably always liked black women even before he sets eyes on MM.The gossip columns say that he had a poster of Halle Barry on the wall in Uni days!.She was the pretty one in a Bond film many years ago.! Eddie.


    1. Dear Eddie
      I think Lady Diana’s Funeral made a big change to the monarch the way they act and behave. I can still remember when she visited Ranjit’s hospital she wanted to see the snooze land. Like everybody else she removed here shoes 👠 but carried them herself and put them on again when she went out. I can’t imagine others doing that… may be Prince H and MM. However when Harry introduced MM to the queen the first time, it showed on TV how the Queen first told MM the sacrifices she has to make when marrying into Royalty and then took MM and showed a photo of some previous royalty who was married to a coloured person. I like the simplicity of MM. Praxy

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