9 thoughts on “Future Travel”

  1. Dear Praxy

    Thanks for posting this Platinum motor home ,which is a movable feast to enjoy regal living.

    It is definitely a High tech- Savvy luxury Recreational 🚗. Which will attract the attention Of the rich and famous to add on to their fleet , of automobiles.


  2. Thanks Praxy.In reality, the people who can afford this luxury would find it too labour intensive to drive it around and then be safe from being robbed or Hijacked.! They can afford a driver and then the romance of living that life style and experience is lost.They cannot drive it to a secluded locality to enjoy the experience, because it would be very unsafe in these times when there are marked differences in life style between the haves and have nots.In itself it is idyllic to own one of these “home away from home” but it will be safe only in Utopia.!!


  3. Who does the cooking, cleaning, stashing of plates, making the beds etc? And security against burglars?!
    Give me a hotel anytime.



    1. Dear Anoja,
      I am sure they would have looked in to that aspect as well because the rich and famous will not know how to wash a plate even. Praxy


    1. Dear Seelan,
      You will have to pay an exorbitant price and hire a driver. I definitely would like to see what it looks like in real life. Praxy


  4. Thanks Praxy. This type of vehicle , the Motor Homes have been available in the US for many years. The movie stars and rich band owners and singers, sport personalities have been going from place to place in this type of vehicle. It is becoming very popular among the retired people. They sell their home and buy a luxury Motor home and tour the country.

    I had a smaller version of this type of motor home many years ago when the kids were small. We loved it Even Sam had one and he is the one who enticed me to get one.

    On a long trip we never had to stop. A fully stocked frig. was a few feet away the toilet was right there . Plenty of breathing space. Best of all one could go to the most remote camp site and still have the comforts of home. Most of the top end Motor homes have generators and you have your own power supply.

    Eddie expressed the fear of being attacked and burglarized by unwanted characters. That fear is there in any situation. However the camp sites and motor home parks have their own security.

    Seelan driving one of these is easy. Only thing one has to remember is that the vehicles are 35 to 45 feet long. Seelan you will do fine in one of these.

    Nisantha Banda


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