2 thoughts on “Human Nature. Analysed”

  1. Excellent presentation
    Thanks Rani and Sam for bringing this to our notice
    Agree with sentiments which reflect the ‘selfish gene’
    As Darwin postulated, Dawkins elucidated, the survival
    Of living, depends on its thriving in the milieu available


  2. Thanks Rani.Philosophy,in the pre christian era is difficult for us to comprehend as the norms of daily life and scientific knowledge of the time was clearly different.It was a time when the earth was thought to be flat.! Say no more.
    In my simplistic view, and based on the Clint Eastwood , cowboy series of yesteryear ,in real life there are the good,the bad and the ugly.We can easily dispose of the ugly as they are the serial rapists,serial murderers and those who are against civilised norms.I am of the opinion that their personalities are secondary to real abnormalities in their genomes and the brain connectome.In the not too distant future we will have very much more insight into these personalities as the brain connectome project marries up with the whole genome map.The ugly cannot help themselves because their brain wiring is aberrant.!
    The bad are the results of nature versus nurture.They are either sick because of a personality disorder or carry narcisstic or egotistic traits and nurture is unable to help them.It is clearly a psychiatric disorder.Psychiatry may help,them?.
    The good on the other hand are the result of good genes( chip of the old bock) together with good nurturing.
    It is true that family values are what makes the person.I firmly believe that each one of us is a reflection of our family values, environment, schooling and religion( if it inculcates good values).The oft quoted saying ,” Go visit the family home, before you marry into it”, still rings true.Much of the religious and racial bigotry is due to bad parenting together with lapses on the part of school teachers,religious leaders, the media and politicians.Children are not born bad, it is often their environment that makes them bad.Eddie.


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