3 thoughts on “A philosophy to share.”

  1. Eddie,

    Great presentation!!. Very thoughtful, real & stimulating. Thank you. If I kept in contact with you for a longer time than what I have, may be I might have been a greater better person. I really mean this. Your outlook to life, is beyond comprehension. I am honored to call you; MY FRIEND!!!.



  2. Thanks Wimal.I am not deserving of you compliment, however it would have been nice to have had closer contact over the years.Unfortunately,during our working lives we were caught up with the daily demands of our occupations, as a result our work life balance suffered.. In retirement we have more time to think. I know that your philosophy on life too has changed since your retirement.We are all in the process of making our lives meaningful.This never stops.Perhaps,our communications with one another is a way of expressing our feelings tempered by the wisdom of age.We must thank Sam for this great idea and the dedication to maintaining this channel of communication.Warm regards to you and Iranthie.Eddie.


  3. Thanks Eddie.

    I agree with Dostara’s comments, that it’s a great Presentation.
    It is strange to know that in modern philosophy,and philosophers ., don’t believe in “Human nature”,

    The way in which we see ourselves,and our place in the cosmos.and to what sort of philosophy we should adopt?
    Let me quote this

    I trust the two philosophies that provide particularly strong defence of human nature, are the two aligned with cognitive science

    The extentialism,and Stoicism “?.?


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