8 thoughts on “Cricket Animator”

    1. Thank you Rani,
      One of the most enjoyable clips published in our web
      The guy is a maestro his voice imitations being perfect
      For cricket lovers who are familiar with the cricketing oldies
      Captions, bring a breath of fresh air to my dwindling memories


  1. Thank you Rani. An entertaining post by a talented Indian. Who said that Indians do not have a sense of humour?.This man rides the wave of stand up comedy with a hilarious romp based on the foibles of well known cricketers and commentators.I am sure that all, cricket lovers, both young and old will enjoy this post.A must watch for all cricket fans.Edde,


  2. Dear Rani,
    That was hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed the clip especially the imitation of Tony Gregg and Jeff Boycott and the ”bums” of some of the cricketers. Thank you for sharing it with us. Praxy


  3. Thanks Rani. I enjoyed it thoroughly. A great standup comedian. What talent. Imitating the cricketers and the commentators.



  4. Thanks Rani. That clip was brilliant. Enjoyed thoroughly. Don’t know how he forgot Murali’s bowling action !


  5. Thanks Rani!
    Iam not much of a cricket fan, but, loved this one .– totally hilarious, even though I did not know half of what he was talking about , it was just great listening to the way he imitated the various accents !

    The Indian guy- great imitator and loved the way he got the correct accents, right down to the last word !- he is a very talented Stand Up Comedy guy.
    Where are out Cricket Guys from the Class of 64 ? — those guys who played for the Cricket Eleven at various boys colleges — where are you guys ? hiding behind the wicket ?

    Thanks Rani for this good laugh – god only knows we need some good laughs in this crazy world we are living in now .


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