8 thoughts on “Story of Mani”

  1. Sam, This is a great storey about Mani & Gale Face Green. The sub title is good for every one to understand. He speaks with a different Tamil accent. Hard working man looked after 10 family members. Wonder if he is still alive.


  2. Sam,

    Very cute story. Typical “Street Vendor” Honest decent human being. Our American kids should see him & learn from him, than from University Quack Professors!!. Great Story, SAM.



  3. Sam I could just eat some of that prawn wadai now 🍤🍤 yum yum . That is a very nice story on the life of a hard working man.Oh. I lhave very be on the Galle Face Green and eat those. Praxy


  4. An endearing story of a hard working man selling Isso ( raal) waday at Galle Face. Just to remind all of us, he was earning Rs1.60 a day when we were all in Uni in 1965.( He lost his father when he was 13 in 1964.)He still survives and lives to tell a tale of a difficult life BUT he is proud that customers come in search of him and say Uncle Mani we want your waday.
    I am always in awe when I see lily white school uniforms on the line despite the basic home conditions.! Eddie
    Galle face is not green any more it is brown and dusty with rows of street vendors on the promenade polluting the environment.!!


  5. Thank you Sam, for the most beautiful True Life Story– of Human Values .

    As Wimal says- the current generation of youth have much to learn – to plod on, regardless of set backs .

    IF Mani can do it, then We All Can ..

    Yes- Galle Face Green is not what it used to be– just a teeming mass of humanity , when I last saw it , just driving by in 2014 .
    Somehow, even the ocean looked different .– did they build something out there ?
    I did not stop to take a closer look .– perhaps , this time, I will take a closer look .

    When I was a child, my father would pile us all – 4 of us – from toddler to 10 yr old, into that old car– No seat belts – NO Gps- No nothing – just us, a bunch of kids , and two servants to keep an eye on us !

    I think, my father did this, to give my mom a break from us hollering brats !

    So, there we were , all the way from Keleniya, and then from Hendala , back in the early 50’s , every Sunday evening to go kite flying, to eat Issa Vadai, lick an Alerics Ice Cream ., and run races to see who could run the fastest and do things that kids did — Just being Kids — none of that Texting, cell phones, videos and god knows what else that plagues the children of the 21st Century ..

    Oh forgot that Kadala Gotte for 5 cts.– had good teeth back then !

    Thanks Sam, for that lovely trip back in time …

    Perhaps – Beruwala can give us some Issa Vadai as part of the BBQ treat– love this better than any Issa Curry !



  6. Thanks Sam – an interesting story. As most of us pointed out a good life’s lesson to learn.

    Galee Face green was apparently re soded and re seeded since we last saw it in 2014. Can’t wait to see it green as we remember in the 60’s.



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