7 thoughts on “Nice mix from the 70’s”

  1. Sam, someone posted this before, but its worth listening again. The Tamil singer is Manoharan who passed away last year.


  2. Yes Sam some one sent this before but still it is nice the second time round. You can always enjoy that sort of music. Praxy


  3. Thanks Sam for the post. Enjoyable, as it is a fusion of Tamil and Sinhala lyrics to Murugan the Hindu deity.
    Our pretty girls add to the visual enjoyment of this clip.Great drumming.My memories of the drumming is of the classical drum used in traditional Tamil wedding ensembles accompanied by flute players in days gone by.I wonder whether they have these anymore? It was an essential part of Tamil wedding ceremonies. Eddie.


  4. Thank you Sam for the wonderful rendition of that old song ” Ka geda Gong Wassa’ from the 70’s – -I think thats what it was , listening to this today .
    I have not seen this before, as I am not much of a You Tube fan, due to data quota limitations — the price I pay to live in rural Ontario- !

    Beautiful song – with a very catchy melody and an equally catchy fast rhythm , like a baila rhythm .

    OMG- those dancing girls– dont expect us ” Kellas of The Sixties ” to whip around like that at the Beruwala Concert !!!
    Drummers- very lovely – perfect beat .

    Down South lad like you Sam, you should be able to beat that drum just like those guys- and Ariya- if I remember right, you did a Kawadi Dance like that at Kataragama, when you were there for your little grand daughter’s First Hair Cutting Ceremony .
    Give us a demo like this at Beruwala- both of you guys !!!

    Baila Kumari


  5. Sam,

    This was played before, long time ago. But it is refreshing to hear again. Great lyrics, both Sinhala & Tamil sung in Unison.

    Thanks. WIMAL.


  6. Thanks Sam. Good music is worth listening to, for the second and third time. Second time for me Love the Singhala and Tamil combo.



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