Best Wishes to Mohin!

Mohin BD Edit



This message comes from an old friend in a distant land
To remind our friendship, well over fifty years old
And to wish you a long life of happiness and peace
With excellent health and contentment throughout

7 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Mohin!”

  1. My dear Body partner Mohin,
    Many happy returns of the day & wish you a happy and healthy future.
    I can still remember the block days when you did most of the work. I was very lucky to have you as a partner!!!!
    All the best


  2. Hey Pol Sam– that TALL GUY in the S gp !

    I think you were the tallest of the S gp folks , with Selvamalar and my self being the shortest !

    Happy Birthday to you and Enjoy this day today with family and friends, and Live Every Day, as if it was a Happy Birthday Day .

    By the way– today is Arul Thangarooopan’s b’day too . I called him today , ( lives in Ontario- Canada ) to confirm this and wished him Happy Birthday .
    Ariya – found this out through the Face Book grape vine !

    So- Happy Birthday to both of you Pol Sam and Roopan !– both being the Back Row Boys in the lecture halls !

    Deepthie-= Fellow S gp .- -the short one !


  3. Dear Mohin

    I just Learnt via the Facebook two birthdays to be today

    May be too late for RU web site thought to let you know

    Arul Thangaroopan and Mohin Samaraweera are the two

    Mates would be celebrating with pomp and ceremony too



  4. Dear Arul

    It is a pleasure to send my greetings

    On your birthday wishing happiness

    May you have a long fruitful life with good health

    Contentment, joy, and peace of mind throughout



  5. All the Best to you both Sam andd Thangaroopan though belated. Wish you contentment and good health in the years to come. Still remember Thange standing on Dr. DF de S shoues at the OR.


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