8 thoughts on “True Aussie humour.No worries.!”

  1. Thanks Eddie

    Agree no plastic chairs,a Canberra woman was awarded over One million $ due to injury caused by a broken plastic chair.

    Australian humour – An essential part of Australian personality is humour . The humour is often targeted at their country and themselves.??


  2. Dear Eddie
    That was funny indeed. A similar thing happened to me many years ago when I was at a 🎈 🎉 🎊 party. I couldn’t find a chair so I decided to sit on a child’s chair. When they proposed the toast and wished happy birthday I got up and the chair too got up with me as it was too small for my b…I was very embarrassed but I just laughed it off. 🤣🤣🤣🤣Nothing in the likes of Trevor in the story . Praxy


  3. Eddie,

    That was funny, we are laughing for Trevor’s pain with Avascular Testicles!!!. It is funny the way the Narrator describes it. Great, Eddie. Good Ausies Fun. I have two similar plastic chairs on Pool Deck. I am getting rid of it.


  4. Thanks you, everyone for your comments.I wanted to share with you the Aussie spirit of sharing a memorable moment.! Eddie.


  5. Thanks Eddie – that is very funny indeed. I donated the chairs to a charity many years ago before I knew what could happen when an over weight man sits in one of them. Never heard from anyone as yet.



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