6 thoughts on “Psychological Priming”

  1. Dear Rani,
    That was very interesting to note how human behaviour can be manipulated by money without even realising that it is happening. What an informative video clip. Thanks for posting it. I loved watching it. Praxy


  2. Thanks Rani for posting this video. It is a very interesting study how money can influence your behavior. They did the study on ” ordinary ” , “average ” people. Who are the average people ?

    I strongly feel that ones upbringing, background ,social status , mindfulness all come into play in these situations.

    To give you an example , Morgantown University in Morgantown , West Virginia had heard about the Buddhist Bhavana Center ( Meditation center ) in West virginia and conducted an experiment. They had heard that the Monks were into meditation in a big way and were able to control their mind from external influences.

    One fine day they had requested permission to visit the Bhavana center to conduct a study. The study involved dipping ones hand into a icy cold bucket of water filled with ice cubes and measuring the vital signs , pulse , BP breathing etc. This study was already conducted on many university students both male and female and they had the results.

    Rev. Rahula an Ordained American Buddhist monk volunteered for the experiment. A Buddhist monk is not wealthy by any standard taking into account their processions. Their processions are 3 Robes and one begging bowl.( Forget about some of the monks in Sri Lanka who are very wealthy. )

    As you know ones hand in a bucket of cold water filled with ice cubes will alter the vital signs in a hurry. Apparently in Rev Rahula’s situation the vital signs were the same after 30 minutes at which time the experiment was concluded. All the scientist were baffled. No one prior to this were able to stay calm even after 5 minutes.

    I thought you would like to know.



    1. Very interesting story Nisantha. Thanks for posting it.I never knew that a Buddhist monk had only 3 robes in his possession. I suppose this is the correct wayof being simple and humble.Praxy


  3. Yes Praxy – only three robes. This was the practice from the time of the Buddha. Three robes and the begging bowls.

    One robe to wear , one being washed and the third one clean and ready to be worn.



  4. Thanks Praxy and Nissantha I agree with your comments
    As you know “ Psycological Priming “ is the implicit memory effect in which exposing to one stimulus influences the response to another stimulus .

    Mind fullness meditation ( the effect on the brain ,memory). The stimulus, response ,, reduces pain by activating the orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) and anterior cingulate cortex. According to the researchers, these brain areas are associated with the self-control of pain.
    Mindfulness meditation also deactivated the thalamus, which acts as a type of gateway to determine which sensory information is allowed to reach higher brain centres.
    Any comments.


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