Bound Together – Class of 64- Deepthie

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 MBH Faizer !- how can anyone in The Class o f 64,  ever forget that ‘baby
face’ !! !

Anyway- here he is 50 yrs later- as there is NO  Recent Photo of him in the
RU 2014-Class of 64  Souvernier book .
He ” fell off the planet ”  so to speak, and I tracked him down in
Cornwall, Ontario a few wks ago , and he and his lovely  wife Rizvi,
decided to do the 7 hour drive ( one way ! ) to see me and we spent a
delightful happy three days !

Here you see us – in many surroundings –  in my home property , and in the
town of Penetanguishene with a bit of history on the town ,  and  at a fun
festival known as  ” Steam Punk ”  in the neighbouring town of Coldwater
The Drum Circle I belong to , was invited to Drum and Sing at the event and
Faizer took pics for me .

The one of us near the flowing  water creek, where I am playing the flute,
I set the camera on a timer, placed it on the bridge and took the photo.
This is one of my very favourite places just a 2 min walk from home, along
a nice wooded walking trail ,  to sit and day dream, and play flute .

We are sitting on a metal canoe- built in the design of the old traditional
Birch Bark Canoes used by the Indegenous People here and in all of North
American Great Lakes  Locations .
History tells us , that this is the EXACT spot that  Frenchman Samuel de
Champlain landed on the shores of Penetanguishene, home of the Huron –
Wendat people ,  400 years ago , and changed the face of the  Nation for
ever .
I live off on a side street, off Champlain Road , along the shores of
Georgian Bay- Lake Huron .

I hope all of you enjoy this story of  ” Bound Together- The Class of 64
Spider Web” !!

Eagledeepthie .

16 thoughts on “Bound Together – Class of 64- Deepthie”

  1. Thanks Deepthie, Beautiful pictures and the story behind your home & location.I love that canoe it reminds me of our own Maori wakas. The long boats of the Maori were longer and accomodated many men with siginificant square masts and large ornate carvings on the prow.
    Serendipitiously, the long forgotten MBH Faizer appears in the scene. Gidday, batch mate and group mate. Why have you been so silent for so long.?We would like to know more about his long hibernation. Eddie.

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  2. Thanks Eddie- Birch Bark Canoes – they were the mode of transport for the Great Lakes Tribes- Anishnawbe ( Ojibwa and Cree ) and they taught the French and the British how to use them , which changed the world of the Ancient tribes for ever .
    This particular spot is a very historical spot- where two cultures met, exchanged trade goods etc . and this was the start of the Fur Trade .
    Interesting to look up all this on google .
    By the way- I dont think Faizer would even see this blog as he says he is totally IT illiterate !
    However, I will fwd it to him, in the off chance he would see it .
    Anyway- contact was made and we had a very good time !


    1. Well done Deepthie,
      Mates must be longing to meet their long lost friend, Feizer
      Thanks Deepthie for your commitment to RU, like a beaver
      I still remember he had a reserved seat, in the library corner
      His knowledge of Anatomy was fit enough, to be a professor


  3. Deepthie,

    That was great. He was in our groups, sig groups etc in Medical College. He looks great. Thanks for the photos. & write up of the “Burrowing Owls”



    1. Hey Dostara Wimal Fdo !

      Good to hear back from you !– Feizer and me we talked a lot about the F Group and I told him that we were Co- Ho in Ragama, and how I visited your place etc etc .

      Ya- the Burrowing Owls- if it were not for you, I would never have had a chance to see this little cutie!
      Many thanks .

      By the way- Rizivi is a great classical pianist like Iranthie .
      Now that I have no piano , and have switched gears to other forms of music and dance in my old age , I gave away all my western classical music and dance books to Riziv and she died and went to Classical Music and Dance Heaven ‘ !
      I told her how lovely it was for me to hear Iranthie play the piano etc .

      Good to hear from you Wimal !
      Take Care- eagledeepthie .


  4. Dear Deepthi

    Thanks for the photos , and the description of your surrounding s ,the historical significance of the events and your neighbors. It certainly did add another page to my encyclopaedia.


    1. Thanks Rani for the comments etc . Yes- it is nice to combine some historical events- in the places where we have chosen to live .
      Birch Bark Canoe- Wigwam, Cradle Boards — are not things of the past- they are making a resounding come back as a great source of Healing to a Nation of People to get over the trauma of Imperial Powers . Loo up google- it is amazing what you will read .
      For me, these things are REAL – as I live here among all of these .
      Deepthie .


  5. Thanks Deepthi for the pictures. Feizer and I were co HO’s with Dr Niles. We had a great time with Nilo. I had lost contact with Feizer after our internship was over.

    It is nice to see his picture of him and his wife. I am glad that I will be able to see him at the RU 64.



    1. HI Nisantha !
      We had soo much fun together and he could not get over ‘ How did Banda ever get to marry Piching ? ‘!!- that was his burning question , that you will have to answer IF- ( a BIG IF at that ) he attend the RU Beruwala .
      He enjoyed looking over that crazy concert skit that Dharma deviced and all of you did an Oscar Winning Performance !


  6. Well done Deepthie,
    Mates must be longing to meet their long lost friend, Feizer
    Thanks Deepthie for your commitment to RU, like a beaver
    I still remember he had a reserved seat, in the library corner
    His knowledge of Anatomy was fit enough, to be a professor


    1. Hi Ariya- thanks for your memory of the library.
      We did look at photos of the Library that I had taken and some photos the photographer took, and I mentioned to him the seat he sat, and he was able to identify it .
      I told him, how I actually shed real hot tears, when I saw the seat I used to sit , and how a young lady seated near ‘my seat ‘ asked me ” Miss Mokada Adanney ” I told her that I am here after 50 yrs , and I thought she was going to cry !
      Then she wanted my camera to take my photo and she did and told me to smile, and this dried my tears and I told Feizer the story- and I thought ‘oh my god now he is going to cry’ !!!!

      He still remains the same, ever smiling, gentle baby faced lad we all knew so long ago .
      I am glad he still remembers all of us , the way we were .

      Thanks Ariya – Deepthie .


  7. My dear mates,
    Sorry, for errors & tendency too often, to repeat
    Age is catching up and the brain’s giving up fast
    Sight is fading surely know not, how long will last
    Aim in life is some how to come to RU for a blast


  8. Thanks Deepthi. That was very good detecting on your part, after we tried so hard to locate him in 2014.
    I am seeing him (his photo) after almost 50 years, after having sat next to him for 5 years at lectures! I have inserted his photo into our “Then and Now” gallery.
    And thanks for your descriptions of Native American lore too. I often read Longfellow’s “Song of Hiawatha” one of my favourites. It gives a lovely account of their lives and legends (not too accurate!) A children’s version was our English text at school (Gr 6) and later, in London, I saw a fabulous dramatisation. By the way I still have the engraving of a Native Indian Warrior you gave me on my first visit to Canada.

    By the shores of Gitche Gumee, (Lake Superior)
    By the shining Big-Sea-Water,
    Stood the wigwam of Nokomis,
    Daughter of the Moon, Nokomis….…
    There the wrinkled old Nokomis
    Nursed the little Hiawatha,
    Rocked him in his linden cradle,
    Bedded soft in moss and rushes,
    Safely bound with reindeer sinews;
    Lulled him into slumber singing,
    “Ewa-yea! my little owlet!”



    1. Thank you my dear Anoja for the lovely response !
      Yes- I did detect Feizer and the rest is history !

      We talked a lot about the F gp- specially you, Anoja as the one who sat next to him for 5 yrs .

      We went through almost a 100 ++ photos, he read through the Sovernier book – line by line, and soaked it up like a sponge and I could see, how nostalgic he was to all of our pics from 1964 ..
      We went through both Class of 64 Group photos- sitting outside on the deck, where we could see better in the natural light , the 1994- Bentota Beach Hotel and 2014- Face by Face ,with the Sov book by our side to trigger the fading memory cells !
      It was very nostalgic and I think, dear Feizer died and went to Class of 64 Heaven !.

      Lovely to read the Poem of Hiawatha — The White Man’s Mohawk Indian !!
      The Real Mohawks ( my neighbour and Feizer/ Rizvi met him too , just laugh at the Hiawatha stuff – but, the only way to get the idea across in those days .

      Nokomis- is Grandmother in Ojibway, .
      I cant recall the engraving I gave you sooo long ago – treasure it my friend !
      ” bedded soft in moss and rushes , Safely bound in reindeer sinew ‘ describes the Cradle Board- where babies were kept on the back of the mother . There are NO reindeers here in Canada and we have caribu , deer and moose . So, the people used the sinew of these animals .
      Cradle Boards — beautifully decked out in beaded floral motiffs, etc are made even today– so, the Tradition Continues ..
      Thanks again Anoja- I will tell Faizer all what every one has written , as he is TOTAL Internet ILLITERATE !!!!


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