11 thoughts on “Full body transplant”

  1. Dear Rani
    OMG it sounds incredible. Can it be true that 6 people are walking along the streets of India with different 🧠 brains? What about the neural pathways etc? But very interesting by story . Thanks. Praxy


  2. Thanks Rani for the video. I think it is a little far fetched for me to believe that it is true.

    The head to be transplanted to a new body – as Praxy mentioned the neural connections from the old head to the new body , I don’t think so.

    Would I want a new body – no thanks. I might opt for a new organ transplant if the need arises, hope not. Never a new body.

    Nisantha Banda


  3. Rani I think this is a hoax. Otherwise there would have been more publicity. How many would have died in the experimental stages?


    1. Agree with Narme. A total hoax. It may possible to clone somebody, but this? I don’t think so. I will check “snope.com” to verify the authenticity of this crazy video.


  4. Hope it’s true as I know so many people who need a new head – eg : my wife !!!
    Please don’t tell her – I still want my head attached to my body!!!!!!!


  5. Dear Rani,
    Thank you, for your astonishing presentation
    Would’ve been nicer for April first, publication
    Rather than cadaveric total body transplantation
    Believable is ‘robotic replacement’ with 3D copying


  6. Dear batch mates,
    This is true because only the other day I had Body transplant 😀😀😀

    To the queries dear praxy and Nissantha This will clarify the doubts

    Stem Cells Bring New Strategies for Developing and Replacement Neurons.
    Just a decade ago, neuroscience textbooks held that neurons in the adult human brain and spinal cord could not regenerate. ..??…

    Today the era of Stem Cell Research ,the researchers also found that these neural stem cells could generate many, if not all, types of cells found in the brain. Google


    1. Dear Rani,
      I am not sure how these work but with all these advances in medicine I am sure anything will be possible. When I was working, there was a lot of research done on stem cell transplants and there is a Lab in Bristol where they harvest cord blood at delivery.
      A couple of years ago on TV they showed a programme on Cryoscopic freezing of bodies and bring them back into life many years later. I cannot envisage this happening but we never know. My only fear is when they are brought back to life 30 years later they will not know any body as by this time their friends relatives would have all departed from this world and they might lead a lonely life. Praxy


    2. Dear Rani,
      I am waiting for the RU to see your transplanted body. Having had it in done”only the other day” I am astonished that in such a short time you are doing so well. Congratulations !!!! I could do with something like that considering all the spine and joint problems I have. Wishful thinking may be . Ha ha ha. Praxy


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