10 thoughts on “Batch’64 RU’18 Update- Sam”

    1. Dear Swarna,
      Narme’s comment made me laugh.

      Since we are on FB and leaving to Pasikudah after breakfast on the 7th you can have lunch on the 5th. As Nrame rightly said we have 6 meals to fatten us even though we do not want any encouragement in that aspect. Praxy


  1. Swarna, you can decide to have lunch either on the 5th or 7th- not both. You have three full meals for two days.i.e 6 meals. That is enough to fatten us!


  2. Fat Or TNO- I am going to eat like hell all the nice Lanka food !
    Nice flyer Sam- looking fwd to all the fun .
    gotta get my ‘act together ‘ less that 8 wks now .


  3. Hi Sam, BBQ on Friday night and the dinner on Saturday night, I take it are extras. Could we pay for them at the venue or would you rather the things were paid for in advance?


    1. Dinner on Saturday is included. My understanding is that the resort has agreed to write off the extra costs involved in the barbecue as well. We shall see how it goes!


  4. Thanks Sam-
    Eden Resort- is accomodating most of our needs .– 6 meals, hall/ stage for saturday am concert and dinner dance later in the evening , in house sound systems and microphones, free of charge etc .

    We are collecting funds ( $ 10 USD/ Rupees in equivelent ) to pay for DJ for Friday and Saturday , and for Web Page costs .
    It is only fair that we ALL contribute to the Web Page 2019, ( Word Press ) that Sam has so willingly shared with us on HIS Time and Funds .
    2018 Funds- kindly donated by Seelan .
    2019- We will all contribute as we all enjoy it , and it has kept The Class of 64 Together, and when we meet this time, in Beruwala, it will be with New Eyes and New Hearts ..

    Yes- we shall see how it goes , and for now- Lets Have Fun is The Name of The Game !!! –

    Only 6 wks to go , and perhaps this will be our Last Hurrah on this scale- with 40 mates attending !


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