Whakatane Heads.New Zealand.August 2018.

Hi colleagues,It is a winter’s day in Whakatane where we live.I thought of sharing what it looks like today at 2.30PM .I have panned the camera 360 from R to L.As it pans to the end of the rock face and in the gap between the Little Rock,on the horizon is White Island our active volcano 20 kms out at sea.As the camera pans further the Pacific Ocean comes into view where the Whakatane river reaches the sea.On the horizon is whale island.At the river mouth is the rock on which the statue of Wairaka is set.She is said to have shouted O’ Whakatane to the  women on board as her boat drifted away to the sea on their first landing.( the men were ashore)Interestingly, Whakatane means “ be like a man”!.Further left the town comes into view and on the horizon is mount Edgecumbe,an inactive volcano.!!.Nature abounds where we live and Captain Cook at first sighting named our bay, the bay of plenty.Whakatane lies in the middle of the bay of plenty of the North Island of NZ.All this beauty is just a walk away from where we live.Eddie.

Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

16 thoughts on “Whakatane Heads.New Zealand.August 2018.”

  1. Dear Eddie,
    That is a fantastic video. You are so blessed to live in this scenic part of the world. To enjoy such beautiful scenery in Winter is great. It is many many years since we visited North Island and I can remember ( is it ” One mile beach or something like that” ) and we liked it very much. I liked the glow worm caves too. Thank you for sharing this wonderful video with us. Praxy


  2. Thanks Praxy.Yes, New Zealand is Beautiful all the year round.The “ ten milebeach “is in Northland about 5 hrs drive from where we live.The glow worm caves are about 3 hours away.In the bay of plenty we have one of the best beaches in NZ.It is called the Ohope beach.It is just over the hill in the video.In summer, New Zealanders flock to this place it is about a mile of pristine white sand , and full of holiday homes.We have mild winters as we live in the North Island and close to the sea.I wanted to share this beauty with all of you.
    I am hoping that each one of you will upload a short clip of where you live.It is a good way of keeping in touch.Eddie.


    1. Dear Eddie,
      Oh I love the way you describe your part of the world. I want to jump into the next plane and come there. I love your pristine beaches, Thanks for correcting me yes it was the ten mile beach and that too was lovely. What is the meaning of the word ”Pukeh” We saw this word several times like Pukeh Nui and Pukhe Koi and if I remember correct it was the name of that town, What exactly does that word mean? Cant remember whether it was in North Island or South Island. Both islands are fantastic and we enjoyed them thoroughly. I think the year we went to North h Island it was the eruption in Mt Ruapehu and we could not go near it and the year we went to South Island it was after the Earthquake.

      I totally agree with you a video clip of where we live would be fantastic but the only thing is here in UK where some of us live, we don’t have such beauty to behold. The woodlands behind our house were cut down to make way for new houses. We are not near the beach either. I can upload a video clip of our house and garden to show where we live but nothing ”exciting” Praxy


      1. Dear Praxy, Do not worry about beaches,just send a clip of where you live or some interesting place very close to you.If we all sent clips about the places we live in, it becomes more interesting.Don’t you think? You start and I am sure the rest will follow.!
        Yes, Puke is common word in Maori, Puke hina, Puke pine,Uru puka puka .There are many more and if the sounds are matched with Sinhala, it is hilarious.Puke In Maori is a small hill.Well it virtually describes the same anatomy in Sinhala.!! Eddie.


      1. Dear Eddie
        Thank you for that explanation of the word Puke. Yes the Sinhalese meaning of the word as we know is not a word spoken in public. However I must tell you that when we were touring we met some classmates of Ranjit who were also on the tour. They both stood in front of the name board ( as his friend coaxed him into doing this ) and lowered their pants and I took a photo of them exposing their “ bums” It was very apt. Praxy


  3. Thanks Eddie for sharing this amazing video with the panoramic view of Whakatane, in cooperating landscape in to narrative _and narrative into landscape.


    1. Thanks Simone.I just wanted to show our winter scenery in the North Island.History and place names become meaningful with pics and accompanying narrative.Eddie.


  4. Thank you Eddie for sharing the video with us. You are so fortunate that you live in a place full of natural beauty. We have visited NZ thrice, but have not visited the part where you live. Next time we visit North Island, we will try to visit your area
    Satha & Selvi


  5. Miigwetch Eddie for that wonderful video — Nishi- Nishi- is all I can say ! ( beautiful in Anishnawbe ) .
    I love the way you describe the natural beauty that surrounds you- I felt as if I am there !
    Whakatane , seems very much like where I live – Georgian Bay– those who want to see it, look up google- the ultimate year round play ground in Ontario .
    Praxy has been here- a few times, so she can tell you about it .

    I never realised you lived that close to all the areas we were driving around during our two wk vacation in NZ- North Island back in 1991 dec .
    We stayed in Auckland, with friends and with Ahnaimmugan in Palmeston N and in nice places in Taupo, etc .
    We had such fun driving around , visiting the Thermal areas, Whakarewarewa park etc .
    Then, a few yrs later we visited S Island and stayed with friends, rented a car and drove around the whole island , much like we did in the N island .
    .I am right now, looking at my old map of NZ- and I want to get on a plane with Praxy and get over there- so get that ‘ visitors room ‘ready !– it is only a dream …

    Thank you ( Miigwetch ) Eddie for the lovely video and the wonderful way you interact with Nature ..
    Blessings to all- eagledeepthie .


  6. Dear Deepthie, You are most welcome any time.You are a true nature lover.You have not posted pics and your very interesting narratives about your recent trip up north.We are waiting.Eddie.


    1. Yes, I did a trip to Iceland- july 8- 19th .- Iceland Circumavigation with Adventure Canada — look up google on this , and I will post pics later when I get time .
      There were some areas – like the Hot Springs- that reminded me of Rotorua .
      NZ– is a lot nicer !- -next best place to Canada !!!

      I am having an interesting visitor coming to see me now– more about all this too later .!
      So, I am a bit busy now – dont forget this is Summer High Season in Georgian Bay- the Year Round Play Ground of Ontario !


  7. Dear Deepthie,You are most welcome.I am waiting to hear about your recent trip up north.I am sure you will have many interesting tales and pics to share.Eddie.


  8. Thanks Eddie for the lovely video. You live in an area surrounded by natural beauty.

    The little I have seen of Auckland and Rotorua is not sufficient tp appreciate the beauty of New Zealand. Our next trip to your part of the world , we hope to tour both north and south islands extensively.

    Nisantha Banda


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