10 thoughts on ““MULTISTABLE PERCEPTION “”

  1. Dear Rani,
    That was a lovely clip. A bit funny and also interesting at the same time especially the magical part of it. Another thing which made me laugh was that as I finished watching an article came up on ”how to prepare green bonchi”


    1. Hi Rani, Is this a snickers advert or a magic show.?It must be kept away from kids.Too much sweets and dangerous tools on display.!,Eddie.


  2. Thank you Rani,
    Grateful to you for putting up a nice video clip
    I am not sure if the Ad. was put by a sweet shop
    Or a drug company that manufactures ‘Metformin’
    As difficult to imagine how to control consumption


  3. Optical illusions inducing the phenomenon of MULTISTABLE Perception _Although our senses feel truthful .,the Physical reality of the world and images are not necessarily ,accurately reproduced.

    It is produced by the dissociation between physical reality and the subjective perception of an object or event,

    MULTISTABLE perception. Is the occurrence of an image being able to provide multiple although stable perceptions.
    Mid level vision- the stage of processing that combine the basic features of an image and the High level vision finally recognising the image come in to play in optical illusions.
    Ambiguous images or optical illusions are used in the field of Psychology for research.


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