Best Wishes to Rahul!

Rahul BD


My dear Rahul,
It is my greatest pleasure to send greetings on your bigday
You being one of the nicest blokes in our batch, and I pray
For your good health, happiness, peace and contentment
And for a wonderful long life with Mary and kids all the way

14 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Rahul!”

  1. Our dearest friend Rahula,
    Many happy returns of the day & best wishes for a happy & healthy future. I am sure Mary will organise a grand party.
    Seelan & Jean


  2. Dear Rahula
    Many happy returns of the day and best wishes for a healthy and joyous year ahead. Regards to Mary. We still remember the delicious food Mary served us when we visited you 2 years ago
    Satha & Selvi


  3. Happy Birthday to you my dear Co Intern at Ragama, Lower Quarters, and those were the days with the rest of the gang- Wimal Fdo included !!!
    May you enjoy this day , and al lthe days that are ahead of you, as if every day is a Happy Birthday Day .

    It was great meeting you and Mary at the RU 2014 and we will miss you both this time around .

    Hope we meet again somewhere – come to Canada for a visit- as I know, you have a sister somewhere in Mississauga/ Toronto area , as Rajes and my self, visited her a very long time ago .

    Keep in touch – Good Wishes- Deepthie .


  4. Rahula, My Dear Co-Ho at Colombo North.

    We Ob/Gyns have to stick together. Congratulations on your Birthday & wish many more great ones to come. Don’t forget to give me a call ,when you visit your vacation home in Marco. Sad we did not connect last time. We had great New Jersey/ New York days together. Say “HELLO” to Mary, from Iranthie & I.

    Good luck, brother. WIMAL FERNANDO.


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