4 thoughts on “Artificial intelligence”

  1. Thanks Rani for this post from the well known Prof Michio Kaku(American theoretical physicist).At the end of the day, artificial intelligence is based on computer programming of algorithms created by people in their individual fields of expertise..Hence, most of what he mentions are evolving concepts which may never happen in the future.What is really happening now is that AI is taking over radiology.The ability to interpret MRI scans has been shown to be clearly better with AI based machine interpretation.In the future,many of the medical interpretations now delivered by experts can easily be accessed by loading data into algorithms which in turn will deliver faster and precise results.A clinician may use this for a diagnosis and then use his human emotional intelligence to interact with the patient.( We must acknowledge that the algorithms are made by humans and this is where AI is still incapable of independently initiating such activity).In the words of the coordinator of the program ,we will be into a future which inspires and terrifies. We need more clear heads and less wacky scientists.Eddie.


  2. Eddie is correct. Digitalisation has tremendously changed Radiology. Human input of data into computer is required in every field. I have a new equipment for bone mineral density & to analyse body chemistry. The results are automatically printed out with standard variations related to age & sex for Caucasian, but for other races human input of data is required!


  3. To all the batch mates who would like to delve deeply in to the fantasies of Artificial IntelligeneAI. Here are my views

    Although AI era Of “blinking”seems to be far beyond our life time?.?there are AI appliances already out in the market

    LG THINQ brand home appliances and electronic services.
    Eg: the technologies that can recognise,deduce,and learn from voice ,videos,and sensorsCLOI the Robot with the swivelling body and face can inform and control all AI ThinQ devices around your home

    Another is the space learning air conditioner,,intelligent refrigerator,washing machine and Robot vacuum cleaner

    Is “AI. “a purpose to make your life better and easy , or drag you down to “a glorified puppet” controlled by AI


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