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  1. My guess is:- Mount Ruapehu near Taupo in North Island of New Zealand. It is an active volcano. In winter it becomes a ski field.


  2. Where ever it is- looks like a nice place — are those rice fields in the foreground ?
    I see a hydro tower in the back ground too – so gotta be a well developed place .

    Somewhere out in China/ Tibet / Nepal area near the Himalaya ?

    I was in Iceland three wks ago- and it was cold ++ out there, in the middle of July, while the rest of the places above the Arctic Circle was on fire !
    The snow peaked mountains and glaciers were very lovely out there , along with the bubbling hot springs , ( like in NZ- Rotorua/ Taupo area) though the Glaciers were fast melting in to the sea .
    Just had a thought- could it be in South Island NZ- near Cookstown, that is the Ski Playground out there ?



  3. Hi , Eager travellers.I shall give,you a clue and surely, you will all know.The pic shows a cloud shrouded mountain with surrounding flat ground as a result it has a microclimate of it’s own.Hot and dry at the base but cold and moist at the top.It was once the abode of ascetic monks( pansukulikas), it has some of the best stone work in the form of stairways, ponds and platforms and even signs of an Ayurvedic hospital!,.But no signs of ornamental carvings, Buddhist stupas or images.The only stone carving is in the urinals.!!.What does that say.? A two finger salute to all the rest.!!.Historians have told many stories about it and it is mentioned twice in the Ramayana.It must be close to home and I am sure many of you may have visited it. Yes, you all know.!


    1. ” Close t o home ‘- so must be in Lanka — perhaps near Badulla, Bandarawela, Haputale , Ratnapura, close to Adam’s Peak ?
      Nice place- where ever it may be !

      – eagleD


      1. Thank You all for your interest and comments.Thanks Anoja.You were close but Dimbulagala is south east of Polonaruwa and is quite different.This mountain is in on the way to Anuradhapura.About 15 miles from Habarana on the Anuradhapura road, there is a gravel road, and 4 miles down that road is the mountain where the Riti trees grow. It is Ritigala.It was also known as Arittha Pabatha in the Mahavamsa,(I am told).
        I visited Ritigala about 10 years ago and was reminded of it’s beauty and history when I read an article on the ROAR website. It is well researched and worthy of a read.If you have never visited this site, it is worth considering, although I am unsure whether the serenity of the place has changed over time.Ritigala’s history dates back to 170BC and has evolved over eleven centuries until about 1100CE when it was abandoned, only to rediscovered by Bell in 1879.! Eddie.


  4. Thanks a lot Eddie for the lovely post on Ritigala .
    I travelled on this road a good many times, but -never really observed this mountain .
    The Rice fields – were a give away of its location in somewhere in Asia- but then you gave the clue to its location as somewhere in Lanka .
    This time around when I am there, I will keep my ‘eyes open ‘ !- -though I am not sure if I will travel along the Habarana- A’pura road .

    However, on another note- we will all miss you .– specially during our bus trip to Pasikudah . What a pity that you cannot be with us this time around .
    Will there be a ‘next time ‘ ?? Iam not so sure ..
    Keep well – eagleD


  5. Thank you all. I would suggest that you read the post on Roar by Sajiv Panditha, under travel on 2.7.17. Reading that post is as good as being there. The many pics accompanying the post give you the essence of the place.
    Yes Deepthie,, I will miss your company too at the reunion..This year is very busy with travel all over to be with family on special occasions and hence cannot make it.We are bound to meet again somewhere sometime..Passekuda will be fun but I suggest that you do not attempt to hear the “Singing fish”,under Lady Manning bridge.Another day at Passekudah will be better spent.! Eddie.

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  6. Dear Eddie,
    Thank you for enlightening us with your knowledge.
    I can remember going to Batticaloa when I was at school . At about 8 pm we were taken to that bridge and tried to listen to the singing fish. We all pretended we heard some singing as at that time we thought telling everyone that we heard them was a great achievement .So a small white lie was told by all.
    Deepthie did you come on school that trip? Praxy


  7. Yes, Praxy.The singing fish of Batticaloa are fussy.The nights have to be ideal for their chirps.It is best not to try this on your trip to Passekudah as Batticaloa is 25 Km away and they may not perform for you.It is best to spend an extra day at Passekudah, which I am sure you will all enjoy.Walk along the beach away from the hotels and you will see a different but old Passekudah that I remember in my youth.Eddie.


  8. Thanks Eddie

    Yes, of course it’s Ritigala. I got the 2 names mixed up. I’ve been to both places.
    Ritigala has the ruins as you say, and the medicinal herbs. It was a very difficult climb to the top. For those interested, the ruins are located lower down and easy to get to.
    Dimbulagala (Gunner’s Quoin) has a famous cave. Also some ruins. Haven’t been to the top. This is Veddah country. And leopards. Also supposed to be “sacred” ground, requiring “proper” behaviour and no loose talk etc. while climbing. A member of our party who was sceptical about this developed chest pains and could not continue. Don’ ask me for explanations.

    I am glad I visited all these places when I was young and fit.

    An ultra modern hotel(among others) has come up in Passekudah. It’s not the Passekudah of our youth. Good idea to keep away from the hotels.


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