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Don’t miss the week’sDeep Red 🌑 on the 27  July

The  Full moon will turn blood Red on 27 th as the longest total lunar Eclipse Of The century takes the  skies in Australia ,Africa.

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes through the Earth’s innermost shadow.

When this happens, the moon turns rusty orange or deep red in color and is how it earned the nickname of a blood moon eclipse.

The red moon will pair well with Mars, which reaches opposition just before the eclipse and will also appear orange or red in color.

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9 thoughts on “Lunar eclipse -Rani”

      1. Dear Rani,
        Thank you for sending the details of the lunar eclipse. We have visitors for dinner tomorrow but I must make it a point to observe the moon. With it being Summer and dalylight till about 10 pm I wonder whether we will be able to see it. anyway will try and thanks once again for the info. Praxy


  1. Dear S.D.R.,

    Will look out on July 27th. Hope it will happen when United States see the moon [ I mean in middle of night ]. Wish I had a time line.

    Thanks, anyway, Rani.



    1. Dear Wimal

      I hope you were able to find out the timings. Agree with Nissantha it is not visible in most parts of the USA


  2. Wimal this
    Google info will help to determine the time

    The Javascript Lunar Eclipse Explorer

    can compute When is the next partial lunar eclipse visible from New York? These questions and many others can be answered easily using this web tool. Pick a geographic location and search for all eclipses visible from that spot over several thousand years.

    Begin by selecting one of the geographic areas below and follow the instructions on that page.

    North America, Central America & Caribbean
    South America
    Asia and Asia Minor
    Southeast Asia, Australia & Oceana
    United States (extended version)
    The Javascript Solar Eclipse Explorer is a similar web tool for determining the visibility of solar eclipses from any city.


  3. Thanks Rani. Here in the US we will not be able to see the total Lunar eclipse. We will have to travel to South America, Europe or Australasia.
    We will be able to see Mars though when it comes close to earth the latter part of July – 38.5 million miles away.
    I have seen a total lunar eclipse before and it is a sight to behold.



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