Batch’64 Scotsman!

Scotsman Ariya playing the bag-pipe




Pleased to share the latest addition to my cap
Fluency in playing the renown Scottish bagpipe
Whole thing is in-genuine, yet want to show all
While in Edinburgh, Ariya could be six feet tall


15 thoughts on “Batch’64 Scotsman!”

  1. Dear Ariya
    Sorry to state that the face and the hands don’t match in complexion 🤣🤣 Looks like the hands need a bit of sun tan.Praxy


    1. My dear Praxy,
      I write to solve the mistery about colour variation of my body parts
      As face often is exposed to Sun has tanned deeply over the years
      Pallor in hands & fingers is due to prolong wearing of warm gloves
      Unexposed knees, pale pink from birth not tanned due to long trousers


  2. Not only the hands , the knees and the calves does not match the tanned complexion of the face.

    Nice try Ariya.

    Like the picture though.



    1. Dear Simone and Nisantha,
      It is a pity, both of you have forgotten my skin used to be pink
      Over the years as mentioned, face has tanned to appear dark
      Warm gloves have preserved original colour in hands & fingers
      True complexion is still intact In legs for wearing long trousers


  3. Poor guy, why are you all obsessed with matching everything. Let Ariya enjoy a bit whimsical fantasy. Annesley


    1. My dear Annesley,
      Thanks for your conciliatory remarks and also coming to my rescue
      That shows your deep affection to protect the weak & the vulnerable
      However, I like to point out the variance of tanning of my body parts
      Are due to exposure to solar rays living in adopted country England!!


    1. My dear Narme,
      Your obeservation and deduction are absolutely correct
      Glad no one inquired except you of course, about the kilt
      Ventilation is supreme unlike when wearing thick trousers
      Ladies got the better option Having opted for flowing skirts


  4. Dear Ariya, good talent you have but I am only wondering about those 2 things hanging in front of the kilt. I thought that you had only one when you were in Bloemfontein !!!!!!!


    1. My dear Seelan,
      You are an astute radiologist with a good memory
      Hence observation & interpretation are well worthy
      In a ship with creature comforts things grow rapidly
      So the artefact you spotted has sperted suddenly


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