8 thoughts on “This sums it all up!!!”

  1. Thanks Sam. This is typical Australian commentary and the adjectives and pronouns add interest to the view..Eddie.


  2. Thanks Sam for posting this unsportsmenship behaviours. It is happening all the time. Videos are now exposing them – CHEATERS, FAKERS & WHINGERS


  3. Thanks Sam for the post. Although I have watched the matches, so many times only now I know they could fake injury. Dissapointed with Ronaldo’s gimmicks, to get a free kick?


  4. Dear Sam
    Even though I am not a foot ball fan I watched some the World cup matches and I saw so man fake injuries. I am sure these fake injuries are similar to the fake news as Trump calls them .Praxy


  5. This type of drama is seen in soccer more than any sport. I think the reason is that the referee can give a Yellow or a red card depending on the offense. Moreover depending the field position one can ” acquire ” a penalty kick and perhaps even a goal.

    What about wrestling most of it is fake.

    I do enjoy watching soccer games though. Loved the World cup.



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