8 thoughts on “This sums it all up!!!

  1. Thanks Sam for posting this unsportsmenship behaviours. It is happening all the time. Videos are now exposing them – CHEATERS, FAKERS & WHINGERS


  2. Thanks Sam for the post. Although I have watched the matches, so many times only now I know they could fake injury. Dissapointed with Ronaldo’s gimmicks, to get a free kick?


  3. Dear Sam
    Even though I am not a foot ball fan I watched some the World cup matches and I saw so man fake injuries. I am sure these fake injuries are similar to the fake news as Trump calls them .Praxy


  4. This type of drama is seen in soccer more than any sport. I think the reason is that the referee can give a Yellow or a red card depending on the offense. Moreover depending the field position one can ” acquire ” a penalty kick and perhaps even a goal.

    What about wrestling most of it is fake.

    I do enjoy watching soccer games though. Loved the World cup.



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