7 thoughts on ““A Moment Of Artistic Bliss””

  1. Thanks Rani.There is a mystery behind this phenomenon,with depth perception maintained even with monocular vision.It is our brain that does the trick and not our eyes.!The painting itself is extraordinary with subtle shadings adding depth and life to the scenery.The Japanese And Chinese are able to create beautiful art with just a few strokes of the brush and this clearly portrays the talent of the artist.Eddie.


  2. Good art work. 3D effect is excellent. Why do you have to close one eye when the effect can be seen with both eyes open?


  3. Dear Seelan
    I will give a basic idea of an explanation. (Google)

    What you perceive as 3d is what your eyes and brain interpret as they combine information from your left and right eye.

    If you close one eye you immediately lose the pereception of distance and only guess how far an object is by knowing how far an object is judging by its size.

    Now if you look at an object (like a 2d photo) with one eye through a lense and and the other as usual you get a set of distorted information to your brain that “trick” it in believing there is actual depth in your photo.

    Same trick is applied in cinema 3d glasses where ONE Lens IS DARKER than the other tricking the eye by causing a delay to process of one eye (darker colour) hence givingh the false impresion of depth as images viewed are not matched.

    There are several cues for 3D vision which come to mind.

    Each eye sees object at a different angle.
    This effect is greater for closer objects than for distant ones. Each eye sees objects at an offset position,
    This is the parallax effect.
    There are lighting and shadow cues.
    There are size cues, and other cues such as the texture of the materials which you are viewing.


  4. Dear Rani,
    What a wonderful work of art. It reminded me of the scene I see when we land at SL airport with all the clouds moving and the trees moving too. Thank you for the wonderful explanation too. What intelligent guys and gals we have in our batch!! Praxy


  5. Thanks Rani for the 3 D effect of the lovely picture. Thanks also for the explanation of the 3 D vision.



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