8 thoughts on ““Strictly Not For Teetotallers”-Rani”

  1. Dear Rani
    That was a brilliant explanation of how 🍷 🍺 alcohol affects your brain. Thanks for this wonderful video clip. IPraxy


  2. Thanks Rani . A good explanation about alcohol intoxication. I hope the lovely girl was drinking Cranberry juice and not alcohol.

    I do enjoy my glass or two of Red Wine or sometimes a glass of Cognac



  3. Thanks Rani for the clip on alcohol metabolism and the resultant effects of rapidly imbibing a large quantity over a short period of time.Many young students have died of acute alcohol intoxication especially when left unattended by buddies when drunk..The cause of death in acute intoxication is usually from the aspiration of the stomach contents resulting in cardiopulmonary arrest in an obtunded state.Children should not have their first experience with alcohol with friends but in a supervised environment at home.
    However, drinking alcohol in good company and in moderation is a very enjoyable experience.!!
    “ In a bottle of wine there is more philosophy than all the books in the world.” Louis Pasteur.


  4. Rani, That was the MOST ENLIGHTNING VIDEO I ever saw this year!!. It was perfect to understand how levels of alcohol affects the Brain & its response. I was going to throw away my Alcohol collection [ or ship it to Seelan!!], till I read Eddie’s note ,especially the latter part & Nisantha’s last paragraph!!. I too enjoy a glass or two of Good Red wine , with friends [ including batchmates!], is an enjoyable experience. Thanks, Rani, for that “Illustrious explanation”!!.



    1. Dear Indrajith,
      If one cannot control the first drink
      It is much harder to stop the rest
      The only way to avoid any ill effect
      Is to avoid the first, not the second,


  5. We all know about the effects of alcohol ! In moderate amount it is still considered to be good.

    Wimal, thanks for being selfish & tried to poison me with all your alcohol. I have to thank Eddie & Nisantha for changing Wimal’ s selfishness !!! – I will drink for that – Cheers!!!!!!!!


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