Mini RU in UK – Praxy

Dear all
We had a lovely “get together “ at Shaukat’s place.The occasion was to welcome Anslem and  Yolande who were in London. It was a lovely afternoon and the company and the food were fantastic. Shaukat had taken a lot of trouble to provide not only food by music too.
Unfortunately the photo I took has not come out  clear. I will try to send a couple of videos taken s






9 thoughts on “Mini RU in UK – Praxy”

  1. Praxy – thanks for sending the pictures and the video. Looks like all of you had a good time.

    I have not seen Titus , Biga and Sunila for over 50 years. It was nice to see Titus dancing.

    I could not recognize some of the ladies in the pictures and the video. I knew everyone else in the video and the pictures.



    1. Dear Nisantha
      The ladies in the picture are Geoge’s wife Shalini, Satthi’s wife, Sunila Yolande Titus’s wife Naomi. Now that I have given the names see of you can spot them and the lady who played the music.Hope I have not missed anyone out. Praxy


  2. Sorry I meant Yolande, Naomi, and Titus’s wife. Sorry I realised that the absence of the commas make a big difference. Praxy


  3. Dear Praxy

    Thanks for sharing the pictures and videos of the get together. I too have not seen Titus, Goonewardene and Sunila George and Shalini for over 50 yrs.
    I can assure you ,that although we were not present there at the get together physically, your posts gave us an opportunity to relive the happy events .


    1. Dear Rani,
      Yes we had a lovely time. Shaukat had taken a lot of trouble to entertain us. It was lovely and i am looking forward to our RU. Praxy


  4. Prax,

    I recognized everyone except the Lady playing piano. Who was she?. Not seen Bigga for ages, & so is Shaukat. George Jayatilaka & Shalini looks the same. I don’t see you, but see Ranjith. Was C.J there too. ? I thought I saw him.

    Please explain. WIMAL.


    1. Dear Dostara
      I was the one who did the video with my phone and that’s why I am not there in any photo or video. The girl playing the piano is I think one of Shaukat’s friends. Will ask and let you know . She is not a batch mate . CJ was there. He is the best be seated on the setee next to Kingsley . Praxy


    1. Oh Seelan you are very observant. I suppose ghat comes from being a Radiologist and having a ”beedy eye”
      Yes we had a fantastic time Praxy


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