8 thoughts on ““Eco Friendly” Burial- Rani”

  1. Dear Rani
    What a fantastic idea. I am
    Not sure 🤔🤔🤔of the body bag and putting the body in a foetal position but I am happy with the idea of the ashes in a pod and planting a seed that will grow in to a 🌳 tree. Praxy


  2. A lovely concept Rani. But will the family do it after we are no more. My family has flatly refused to put in basket or plank instead of a coffin!


  3. Thanks Rani. This is a fantastic idea. The way we are denuding the forest and causing global warming is shameful.
    This is one way of reducing waste and help slow the progression of global warming.

    I am all for it. A new sentence will be added in my will.



  4. Burial Funerary Urns have been an integral part of funeral burial practices in various cultures, religious and family beliefs ,along with political views for centuries. May be they chose urns made out of brass etc highly decorated to suit their status.

    It continues to be so today as the practice of cremation continues to gain popularity ,also due to various other reasons like lack of burial plots etc.

    My personal view is that If you genuinely prefers to “let go your self.”
    The ultimate step is to bury your ashes in a bio degradable urn”


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