8 thoughts on “Words of wisdom.”

  1. Thanks Narme and Praxy.I agree with both of your comments..Our world and especially our home needs a few more like this venerable Buddhist monk.Eddie


  2. Thanks Eddie – I have heard this sermon before. It is quite appropriate for the present chaotic , unstable, war torn tumultuous world we live in.



  3. A guide to follow and practice the “GreatWords Of Wisdom” in your daily life

    , the enlightened one simply advised,
    “ you should train yourself thus: in the seen will be merely what is seen;

    in the

    heard will be merely what is heard;

    in the sensed will be merely

    what is sensed; in the

    cognised will be merely what is cognised. “

    For the Pali scholars

    “Ditte Ditta Mattan Bhavissathi ,
    Suthe Sutha Mattan Bhavissathi,
    Muthe Mutha Mattan Bhavissathi,
    Vinnate Vinnatha mattan Bhavissathi”

    Take an example

    of you being insulted by someone, you usually get hurt in such situations and often

    react, as you can connect what you heard to the person seen. If the person is someone

    you hate the reaction is multiplied. However, if you just consider what you heard as just

    a voice you will not feel hurt. Learning from the teachings we should consider it as

    something just heard without connecting to a person and moreover, if there is no

    listener there is no one to be hurt.


  4. Excellent Sermon. Some one posted this before. Worth listening again.
    Religion is a label given by us. It is there for us to train our mind – to be good & to do good.


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