7 thoughts on “More comedy.Malayalam style.!”

  1. Dear Eddie
    It was a very interesting video clip. I enjoyed reading it . What she says is very true of these youngsters but she has to understand that these young ones have to bow down to peer pressure.🙁.. which we fortunately did not have .😊Praxy


  2. Eddie,

    I don’t know where you find these clips. SUPERB!!!. The accent of the voice added “The Finesse” to the clip. Seelan must be very familiar with these as he has a Malayalam connection. Hello to Indra.



  3. Hi Narme & Wimal,
    This not from Malaysia. It is from Malayalam ( Kerala – in India ) – Our Mennon’s & Chacko’s origin !!
    The previous clip posted by Eddie was from Malaysia – Comedy Court – Alan Perera & Indi Nadarajah.
    Both were hilarious.


    1. Seelan, My friend.

      Thank you for that clear “CULTURAL” instruction. Now I know the difference between Malaysia, & Malayalam. Thank you, your Highness!!. Hello to Jean. I am going to surprise you with a phone call, one of these days, about 10.00 pm your time on weekdays.



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