6 thoughts on “Why a dog is a man’s best friend”

  1. Thanks Praxy for the post.This dog is that woman’s best friend.! He looks like a Border Collie.This breed of dogs are used for sheep herding in trials.All said and done, it is a full time business training dogs.The lady probably has no husband or children allowing her to spend so much time with the dog.!She is enjoying herself and also keeping herself fit too.A good partnership.

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    1. Dear Eddie,
      I totally agree with you…. this sort of training needs a,lot of time commitment and patience.She reminds me of my daughter who loves animals and will do anything for them. Not only animals even insects. One day there was a bumble bee that was almost on the verge of death and she came inside the house and dissolved some sugar in water and put it on the bee and after a time it was able to fly away. Praxy


  2. Thanks Praxy for the Post. I am certain ,”CUES and Commands” must be the secret behind training the dog to perform all the amazing acts.


  3. What a heartwarming video. My beautiful yellow Lab will probably push a ball with me but that’s about it!!!! How well trained the dog is. Amazing!! Thanks Love Selva


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