4 thoughts on ““Appreciation of a Batchmate””

  1. Dear Sam
    It is with great sadness that I read the appreciation of Bunty.The last time I met him was at Arpico in Hyde Park Sri Lanka a few months before our last RU . I persuaded him to attend the RU but he gave an excuse which I cannot remember. He did not look well so I did not pester him to come.His parents and my uncle were great friends and through them I came to know him even before I entered Medical Faculty. He was a very kind caring person and a great friend .He will be always remembered for this. Praxy


  2. HI Sam and Laki Senanayake .

    Thank you both for this post .

    What a lovely tribute to dear sweet Bunty… a True Tribute from The Heart — from someone who was given the Gift of Life for Mother and Child .

    He did come for the RU in Beruwala back in 1994 if I remember right – must go over some old photos and check on this .
    I do recall very clearly, how he and his wife came to see me, when I was in SL to visit my mother after my father passed away in 1992 October . He was the same sweet Bunty- with that dimpled happy face , never a harsh word , always a smile .
    I am honored to be in the same Class of 64 as Bunty .
    Deepthie .


  3. Thanks to Sam and Laki for sharing a glowing memorial tribute , reflecting ,and honouring the life of our late Dear friend Bunty.


  4. Lucky sent this information to me in a separate e mail and I read it before . Yes it is a lovely tribute to a great physician, our own Bunty.
    I have met Bunty at our reunions and other social gatherings in Sri Lanka. He was a great guy to be with. Love his sense of humor.



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