16 thoughts on “A good lesson- Praxy”

  1. Praxy — What a Beautiful Post.

    Life is all about carrying on with what ever we have left .. good to the Last Drop or String .

    Another way of putting it across – ‘ get your butt on the boat and go for it ‘
    It is All about Courage to Move Ahead and not giving up half way .

    Thanks for this wonderful and very inspirational event that happened in our own life time.



    1. Yes Deepthie it is a very good lesson for us to learn . Whatever life brings us and whatever hardships we face if we are courageous to delve into the deep and find a solution we can always becsuccessful. That reminded me about one line of a poem that I was taught at school when I was a child and it ended “he while his companions slept was toiling right into the night” . I think he discovered some important thing by working hard into the night. I wish I could remember that poem. Praxy


      1. Henry Longfellow.Quote.
        “The heights of great men reached and kept, was not by sudden flight but they while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.”
        A good lesson for success life in general. Eddie.


    1. Dear Deepthie
      Yes that is a linethat I used to think often but could not remember the full text. Thanks to Eddie now I can remember the full text. Praxy


  2. Dear Praxy,
    I think this is a living example of how determination will resolve to keep going in spite of the road blocks encounter ed on the way.


  3. Thank you Praxy.This is the story of life itself.Making the best of what one has on hand on every occasion.Talking of a two stringed instrument is the Erhu, the Chinese fiddle.Once, in transit through Singapore Changi airport, I heard a man play this instrument.The music created on the Erhu was divine. Eddie.


    1. Dear Eddie
      You for letting me know the words of that great Henry Longfellow’s quote. I had been thinking hard to get the full quote and thank you for reminding me. Praxy


  4. I admire his talent & perseverance. Great man.
    Like Deepthie mentioned – Life is all about carrying on with whatever we have left.
    – From another Polio victim.


    1. Dear Seelan
      You are a living example of how one can achieve great heights in spite of some disabilities. I admire your wonderful qualities . You persevered and your perseverance has been rewarded.👨‍🎓 Well done.😊Praxy


  5. Dear all
    On the subject of great quotes from great people I wonder if any of you can tell me the words of the following poems
    “The wraggle taggle gypsies”
    This begins with: There were 3 gypsies a come to my door and downstairs ran this a lady oh. One sang high the other sang low and the third sang Bonny Bonny biscay oh…..

    A part of the other poem is
    Kiss me mother kiss me and tuck me up in bed, for daddy’a Invention is going to choke me dead…. This is also a poem learnt at school and in my old age Iam reminiscing these .
    Hope some one can help me . Praxy.


  6. LIFE- is about dealing with what ever we have left ..

    Persevere and victory is yours .

    Thinking of the dramatic The Thai Cave Rescue …

    All about dealing with the odds and persevering for the ultimate success — Saving Lives .

    Keep these kids, their families and the brave men and women who are now dealing with the Rescue Operation now under way .. , .
    Keep this in your thoughts and prayers for the next few days …



  7. Thanks Praxy very inspirational story. Yes lovely music can be produced even with just two strings as Eddie put it. I have listened to professional Erhu players play Chinese music to , pop music to classical music. It was just amazing.

    What ever the odds are keep producing good music with the stings you are left with.



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