7 thoughts on “Gary sobers.6,Sixers in one over.”

  1. Thanks Eddie for this lovely trip down Memory Lane !
    I do recall this famous West Indies- England cricket match. This is the first time I saw a video clip and what a show it was !
    I wonder if there were any broken windows as the building seems so close to the cricket pitch .
    I suppose this was played in Jamaica ?
    I also recall Rohan Kanhai- what a good looking guy he was !! — who was also on the same team, and I just loved looking at his pictures on the local Daily News as there was nothing called internet- you tube back then.

    Great that this little movie clip was done when it was done .

    I really enjoyed the Cricket Season in Colombo- as this was ONE form of entertainment for us Good Convent Girls- with Holy Family Convent along Retreat Road .
    We girls enjoyed and the teachers and nuns just hated it , when the boys would come in the flat bed trucks, flags waving, singing, drumming, rattling, hooting , laughing and calling out the Teachers and Nuns names- -as a lot of girls at HFC had brothers at St Peters and St Jo’s .
    This is one way, we girls ‘got at the nuns and teachers’; who were mean to us -to get the boys to hoot at them !!!
    Royalists and Thomians – they were not as wild as the Peterites and the Jo’s !
    Anyway- we all had fun !

    But, going to the Colombo Oval to watch the matches was THE Real Highlight – which I did with my sister, brother under the watchful eyes of my father !!
    He watched over his daughters, more than he watched the cricket match I bet !!

    Thanks Edddie- for this lovely trip down memory lane !

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    1. Thanks Deepthie.I think that the big matches continue to thrill the girls to this day.What about the pic of our girls all smiles at the Law medical match.The purists enjoy every stroke/ ball!!, while the girls look at the men in white and now colours.To complicate matters the women’s cricket teams are now in the fray.Unfortunately, the boys are still not attracted to watching the women play cricket.Does that say something about male preferences.?? Eddie.


      1. I have never seen a Women Cricket Team play – I was the pol pithi batting girl in those days !


  2. Ya Seelan- you got it right !
    Went for a lot of fun events for the same reason as no one told us NOT to Look- See and I like them Dark- Tall — like Rohan Kanhai !! !!!
    eaglelover !


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