7 thoughts on “Gary Sobers- Eddie”

  1. Sir Garfield Sobers – Who can forget the Cricket’s greatest all rounder. I remember him hitting 6 sixes in one over!!!!


  2. Dear Eddie,
    Thank you for that lovely clip. It brought back memories of years gone by and I felt a thrill that I hadn’t felt in a very long time.
    Thanks again,


  3. Dear Eddie,
    It was nice to listen the stories of these famous cricketers of days gone by, who every one admired for their great cricketing abilities. Praxy


  4. Thanks Eddie,

    Cricket lovers will never forget Garry Sobers, the world’s greatest all round cricketer “FIVE IN ONE

    CRICKETER”. Outstanding batsmen, fielder,and versatile bowler.


  5. Cricket Lovely Cricket !
    He’s got the Ball, I’ ve got The Bat– and The Rest is History !!

    Read my comment on the next post – Six Sixes in One Over — when my memory chip just rolled out the images and stories !

    Thanks Eddie for the two posts on Garfield Sobers- , What a Cricketer, , What a Game, What a Memory .. and above all What A Man !


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