Everyone Loves A Parade ! – Deepthie

Canada Day


Every one Loves A Parade !
Canada Day Parade July 1st  — in my small town of Midland was today- –
real small town gig it was with temps at 90  ++ deg in the shade and I was
just about cooked !

I was with the Midland  Hiking Club   and hot as hell it was, there was
quite the turn out with  most of us being – 65 and over !!
Anyway we all  had a great time .

But, to walk back the 2 miles in the dreadful heat- Oh well- another story

Talk about Altruisim — I was dead beat and decompensating fast due to
heat exhaustion  , but was not going to give up.

My companion- Janet- was with me- and we were walking back to her place
where I had parked the car.
I was praying for Help as I was again between a Rock and a Hard Place !!

Believe it or not– a young man in a bright red shirt was walking his dog
on the residential street that Jan and I were walking .
‘ Hi Mary- were you in the parade  ? ”
” Yes- do you have a car, if so , can you drive us home to Jan’;s place
where I parked my car ? ”
He brought us home, to Jan’s place  and soon recovered with my feet in a
tub of cold  water , water on my head  and lots of water + cool drinks to
hydrate– thanks to Jan’s  most efficient and generous hospitality  !

 Who is  Jan- she is the one wearing the Hawaiian multicolored flowered
garland from the Dollar Store !!

Who was this Guardian Angel– a guy who used to work at Ford Motor
Dealership some years back  and he  says ” how can any one forget you Mary-
I used to work at the Ford Motor Dealership some years ago  ‘ !!

Made me feel like a million $$$ .



Follow Up — The whole Canada Day event ended when Jan and her husband
came to my place and we had a nice cool dip on the cold waters of Lake
Huron- Georgian Bay .
Where we are standing – used to my beach party area,    as recent as 10 yrs
ago , , but now it is mid thigh in water- thanks to climate change and
melting glaciers .


8 thoughts on “Everyone Loves A Parade ! – Deepthie”

  1. Thanks Deepthie for sharing the Parade day celebrations with your Midland Hiking club mates.your Patriotism as a true Canadian was displayed , when you joined the others in a procession, carrying banners and flags defying the record setting high temperatures.
    “and Long Live The Parade Queen eagle D”

    Glad to know that human guardian angels too practice Altruistic behaviour.


  2. A beautiful act

    This intimation comes from the ‘green pleasant land’
    To congratulate on the precious day in your pretty land
    In spring and summer mother nature puts a glorious act
    Nowhere it is prettier than in Canada, ‘the fairies own land’

    Thank you Deepthie for sharing your experiences
    It appears you all can teach us how to enjoy our lives
    Eagerness to perform ancient rituals of yesteryear inuits
    Electrify the arena, authenticity heightened by the dresses



  3. Thank you Deepthie.Great fun day outing for the hiking club.However, your friend has a strategically placed floatation noodle in the photo.It adds to the flavour of the day!! Eddie.


  4. Thanks folks for the comments and I hope you all enjoyed the story as much as I did – regardless of what was place where , we had lots of fun in the Sun and in The Water , on Canada Day , yesterday- July 1st .


  5. Thanks for sharing the story and the pictures of your Canada day celebrations and hike.

    I cannot imagine that it gets that hot , this early near Georgian Bay area. Glad you survived the hike without much ill effects.

    The cool waters of Lake Huron looks very inviting. It is nice to have a big swimming pool right at your door step.



  6. Thanks Nisantha ,
    Yes- it is Hot here – going to be a heat wave for this whole week . and this is very rare that it gets this hot this early in the summer .
    I am dreading August !

    To have the cool waters of the Georgian Bay near by is a bonus at times like this .

    At the same time, it gets REAL cold in the winter too and it is hard to imagine that this large body of water actually freezes solid, so people actually go on snow mobiles, ski, skate and ice fish !
    I do none of the above – I just run away to the Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona !

    Happy Fourth of July Day to all of you South of the Border !



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