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Don’t miss the week’sDeep Red 🌑 on the 27  July

The  Full moon will turn blood Red on 27 th as the longest total lunar Eclipse Of The century takes the  skies in Australia ,Africa.

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes through the Earth’s innermost shadow.

When this happens, the moon turns rusty orange or deep red in color and is how it earned the nickname of a blood moon eclipse.

The red moon will pair well with Mars, which reaches opposition just before the eclipse and will also appear orange or red in color.

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Best Wishes to Maithri!

Maithri BD Edit


Dear Maithree, I send you greetings on your  ‘Big-day’
Wishing peace of mind and contentment all the way
May you have good health and a very long fruitful life
As you are a sincere friend and a wonderful batch mate
Editors Note:
Happy Birthday Maithri!!. Hope you had as much fun today as I did celebrating this special day! This evening I got a call  from my dear friend S group pal Deepthie who was upset for not posting her pics and the lovely words she wrote for my Birthday post.
I had a wonderful evening tonite with my lovely wife at a Sarasota Bayfront seafood restaurant. I have also  included those pictures  below.
Thank you Deepthie for your kind words.
Sam S
Deepthie 1
 Happy Birthday to you my dear Sam The Man—- Sam, my dear
friend,  I wish you All The Best on this day and may you have very Happy
Birthday Celebration with  Kathy, and the kids and grand kids .
I know, it is going to be a very Fun and Busy Day on the 22nd July !Sam The Man is a Man  of many talents — clever at putting people to sleep,
clever with the  stick and ball on the green, clever in the kitchen,  clever
with the camera and above all VERY Clever as a Spider Man of the Web of
Class of 64 !!

I have included these pics I took, at your place, during my  wonderful stay
at your place in Feb 2018 . All the food laid out, makes me hungry just to
look at it !
What a great evening that was – with good food and good friends .
We can repeat the performance- with someone else doing the cooking, this
time around, at Beruwala .
This time around,  when we meet in Beruwala, we will all have a   Very
Special  close bond with each other, thanks to the Web that you have created
for us, giving us your time of day,  your energy  and  your very sincere
good  wishes and vibes .

Thanks a lot Sam, for all that you are doing to keep the Class of 64 Alive
and Well, through the Web .

Wishing you All the Best in Health and Happiness .
Your  S group pal- Deepthie  .

Sam BD1
My dear Sam,
It is with great pleasure and admiration I send my best wishes
On your birthday to wish every happiness in your exemplary life
We come a long way knowing each other from our student days
You are a great boon to the batch and a blessing to the friends
May you have a long healthy life with Kathy and beloved kids
Uninterrupted peace of mind and contentment are my wishes
Here I take the opportunity to admire and convey my thanks
For setting up & running the web site, connecting all the mates

Best Wishes to Damayanthie!

Damayanthi BD


Happy Birthday To you my dear friend Damayanthie !- July 21 .

I wish you all the Very Best in Life- that will be full of Good Health,
Happiness  and Longevity .
May you enjoy this day with your family and friends  and enjoy all the rest
of the days – be it your birthday or no .

 I am soo glad that we are going to meet again in oct 2018 in Beruwala and
what is more we will be sharing the room along with Chandralatha in
Beruwala, and again in Passekuda and I can hardly wait – for the fun to
begin !

Damayanthie- you have been such a good friend to me, all these long years,
even though  you are not the best  e-mail writer !
You used to write  a lot more, in the old days, when we  had to depend on
the good old fashioned snail mail – where ever we  were – in S’pore, U K,
Mississauga, Ontario etc.

I will never forget that sudden and unexpected surprise  visit you paid to
me,  back in the late ’80’s , at my home in Mississauga, that Sunday morning
,  when you and Doru were travelling along in Ontario,  Canada  and what a
treat that was !!.
Those were the days when we did not have cell phones / GPS-  and all we had
was just an old fashioned road map , home phone number scribbled on a so
called ‘ address book ‘ that we all lugged around in our hand bags !

Any way- I am glad we are going to meet again in October  .
Till we meet again- Have Fun, Keep Dancing ,  Be Happy and Be Healthy !
Your good friend- Deepthie .



I send good wishes for your birthday from the green pleasant land
As you are a wonderful batch mate and a very caring sincere friend
Wish you happiness, good health, contentment & peace throughout 
And a very long fruitful life of enjoyment with your beloved kith & kin 


Mini RU in UK – Praxy

Dear all
We had a lovely “get together “ at Shaukat’s place.The occasion was to welcome Anslem and  Yolande who were in London. It was a lovely afternoon and the company and the food were fantastic. Shaukat had taken a lot of trouble to provide not only food by music too.
Unfortunately the photo I took has not come out  clear. I will try to send a couple of videos taken s