5 thoughts on “TAMIL OLD–Dingiri Dingale- Sam”

  1. Thanks Sam, It would have been better with English titles of the accompanying lyrics for all to understand because the song is a parody on changing times and values in the fifties.Eddie.


  2. Dear Sam.
    Thank you for this wonderful jolly old song. Even though we do not understand the words of the song it is nice to listen to the song as this type of song brings back old memories,. Praxy


  3. Thanks Sam for the fun post !
    Could not understand the words- But, Music talks to us all !!
    I felt like dancing- just listening to it . It was fun to see the western style of dancing – Jive etc to this age old song . Perhaps some one could sing it ( ? Zavahir , Koseswaran – Saroja’s husband also has a great singing voice ! ) at the RU and we could all have loads of fun .

    eagle bailakumari


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