Empathy.The goodness in all of us.

Here is a story that I like very much.From Penury to fame,and the players are from different backgrounds.The warm feelings generated watching the clip is because, intrinsically we are all good.What makes us bad? A point to ponder.! Eddie.

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Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

12 thoughts on “Empathy.The goodness in all of us.”

  1. Dear Eddie,
    What a wonderful story and what a great act of altruism.Wish there were many like this shop keeper in this world.
    Thank you for sharing it with us. Praxy


  2. Thanks Eddie for posting this video, a fine example of an Altruistic act .yes Praxy I agree with you 100%.

    In fact I was planning to post a video on Altruism. if Sam and Eddie permits it i will submit it ,so that we can have an open discussion on Altruism?


  3. Thanks for posting the video Eddie. Very moving story. A good example of Altruistic behavior.

    Thanks Rani for your post as well on altruism.

    I remember my father used to advice us when we were growing up ,to help anyone and everyone in need without expecting anything in return. Having done that all my life , it is amazing how people turn up when I needed help on occasion.

    Many years ago , we on the turnpike and stopped at a rest area . I had driven with the lights on in the car and did not remember to turn them off when we got down. These were the days when bells and whistles did not go off when you got off of a vehicle with the head lights on.

    When I got back to the vehicle and try to turn the engine on it struggled to crank the engine. My battery was 5 years old and did not have any problems before. Within seconds a guy pulled up in pick up truck and said ” Hey sounds like you have a weak battery., let me help you . I have jumper cables “. I do carry jumper cables in my vehicle not only for my use but others as well. Anyway he helped me get going with no issues . I bought a new battery the next day.

    I have many other similar stories I can tell you but lets not go there right now.

    Anyway what I am trying to say is that if one is altruistic , when one needs help it comes your way from places you least expect.



  4. Thanks Nisantha.Your family values have made you what you are.A good citizen.Altruism, I believe is learned and is not an inherent response in a very competitive world.Who and what we are, is essentially our family values.Good civic behaviour is essentially learned at home more than at school.Some never learn at home or school because they have an underlying personality disorder.
    My post was to identify, empathy.Empathy, is the ability to place your self in the shoes of another person and see his/ her world and understand it.
    This, I believe is the essential attribute of a good doctor.If you do not have empathy for your patient, even the cleverest among us is a failure.
    In the post,Mr Moosa identified the young man’s problem as if it were his and quickly made the decision to help,regardless of the outcome later.
    One must have empathy to be truly altruistic.


  5. Thank you Eddie for the wonderful post .

    I firmly believe in this theory — I have had many, many instances like this- where people have come to my help , under the most adverse conditions – like that time in April this year, when I was stuck alone in the cold and dark, with no heat, in the middle of a late winter blizzard, – when the furnace guy had to cut the fallen trees, to get through to me to help me .

    I firmly believe that what I had done to others, to get their feet off the ground, what my parents did to others in SL and what they have taught me as a young one growing , and observing their way of life, has helped me and those around me .

    Even last week- I was alone and stuck between a rock and a hard place, when some one showed up out of the blues to help me !

    I guess – what we– I mean all of us as human beings, did as a family did to help others in the days gone by, is now being returned to all of us –

    Nisantha’s story illustrates this perfectly- as I had a similar episode in Sedona some yrs back – when a nice kind Sedona Police officer showed up , and charge up my dead battery !
    He was just cruising around the neighbourhood that time !
    He said ‘ your battery died, as it is very old battery and it is hot day today here, and you had parked the car for a long time, even though you had all lights off , the battery died on you, so go back to the car rental place and get another car ‘ !

    The Old Theory– What Goes Around , Comes Around .
    Talk to The Universe- Be a Part of it and dont Fight It- and Life will have a way of Making Life Better .
    eaglewisdom .


  6. A few word about ALTRUISM

    Empathy is the key motivation for ALTRUISTIC behaviour.

    The difference between altruism and empathy is that altruism is regard for others, both natural and moral without regard for oneself;
    devotion to the interests of others; brotherly kindness; selflessness; contrasted with egoism or selfishness
    For those who would like to delve in to the subject deeply
    William Hamilton ‘s theory the equation is
    Altruism =RxB>C
    R – genetic trait
    B- benefit of the action
    C -The cost of action

    is the intellectual identification of the thoughts, feelings, or state of another person.

    “For The Ladies”

    Did ALTRUISM played a part ,when you chose your partner?Research shows women find good looking men desirable, for short time relation ships, but if they have to choose a long term partner they will always choose an ALTRUISTIC guy over a HUNK😀😃😄


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